New screens of Rainbow Six Vegas on PS3

New screenshots of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas for the PS3.

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they look a hell of a lot better than 360

i bet its less choppy too

JsonHenry4740d ago

your joking right?!

Someone please do a side by side comparison to prove this idiot wrong! Every person who reviewed this game (for PS3) even made mention of washed out color palettes, missing lights and effects, and inferior character models... EVERYONE.

You are a fanboy obviously.

Honeal2g4740d ago

better? to be honest they look exatcly the same with a few varirations here and there but if u were to categorize them technically because of the minor flaws almost positive the 360 version is better but that kind of comparison is just stupid they look the same unless u aare lookin for a difference!

jaaz4740d ago

What are you talking about Henry?

IGN and Gamespot both said in previews that it looked the same as the xbox360 version. Yahoo games in its review actually said it had a few graphical improvements over the 360 version.

It's the same or a little better, get over it.

sjappie4740d ago

These shots look blurry as hell.

Fart_Bubbles4740d ago

listen up xbots, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL an xbox with a component video connection will EVER LOOK BETTER than a PS3 over and HDMI connection. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, if you don't believe me look the specs for both video formats yourself and see how much more bandwidth HDMI provides aswell as EXCELLENT color reproduction. On top of that the PS3 has RGB full and super black/white contrast.

that alone = NO CONTEST

and don't even bother to mention the not-so-elite since there aren't 10 million of them out there and instead you have the OOPS err I mean premium competing with the PS3.

DAMNNNNN xbots are retarded, God help

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solidt124740d ago

looks like they did a pretty good job but i will have to see it in motions.

kewlkat0074740d ago

noticed. Even if it's a tad better graphically on the 360. Anyhow this is a Good game. I don't get into the Graw, Socom, Rainbow 6 type of games but I watched my cousin beat it and play online. It's worth the money. I know you PS3 gamers wanna give Motorstorm and Resistance a rest. So there ya go.

anh_duong4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

i bet most of you (above posters) don't even own vegas and here your are comparing mine is better than yours. can't you see how silly you are comparing differences that are hardly discernible.

here is a clue for you: i own a dual core d805 proccessor with a x850xt graphics card. one of my friends own a core 2 duo whatsits with a 8800 gts. we both play the same game but can hardly tell the difference (during gameplay) even though his computer is twice as fast as mine. yes there is LITTLE difference. now we know that the ps3 is almost identical to the xbox360 - hence it is unlikely you will ever find much difference between xbox360 and ps3 (it's the developers that make the difference). in fact, the major difference will be in online play where currently xbox is better and storage where ps3 is better.

so stop comparing textures - especially moving textures since they don't tell you much and i doubt they ever will.

xg-ei8ht4740d ago

Its already been said by the devs that ps3 version is superior graphically.

Nuff said.

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The story is too old to be commented.