Angry Joe Show: Why the VGA's Suck Balls

Koku Gamer writes: "Ever since the first Video Game Awards made public presence, it's never been a blockbuster type of award show. As years passed by, the shows became more lame than the previous year ones. With odd celebrities, the show being over sponsored and having lame categories for awards, people slowly started watching something else Sunday nights, like I don't know football."

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cain1414233d ago

I stopped watching the VGA's anything good will be on youtube next morning...

Ziriux4233d ago

Same here, if you just like the gaming content it'll show somewhere heck even on GameTrailers, G4 TV and even Spike's website it self. This year like any other year was terrible.

deadreckoning6664233d ago

I still can't believe they gave those Jersey Shore guidos airtime. Mike Tyson by HIMSELF wulda made more sense cause of FNR4.

Cheeseknight284233d ago

Best part of the show was the first 3 minutes.

Hisiru4233d ago

Some good announcements but still... it's a bad show. They need more than announcements to make me happy, even the music selection was bad in my opinion.

Chubear4233d ago

FINALLY! Somebody outside of 2d gaming forums says something! ...what, we were waiting for gametrailers et al to say something? .. the ones that hyped the hell out of the VGAs to begin with? uhmm, ok.

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Timesplitter144233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

The VGAs are nothing more than a teen fest. If they ever become the Academy Awards of the gaming world, my faith in humanity will go from 0.000001 to 0

Gaming needs a more serious and mature gaming awards ceremony, as well as more serious/mature games.

Also, too many people trying to become celebrities on N4G. It really gets on my nerves.

dgroundwater4233d ago

Agreed on all counts. Only what do you mean by people "becoming celebrities?"

Cheeseknight284233d ago

HipHopGamer comes to mind immediately.

dgroundwater4233d ago

Oh, you mean obnoxious sociopaths trying to be all in your face with their "cool" gaming image. Yeah that needs to go.

I thought he meant the kids who name their accounts after real people and role-play in the comments. That's funny!

Ziriux4233d ago

What do you mean like HipHopGamerShow. Nothing like it it's a simple video editorial that is about honesty. Not made up stuff. Watch and read articles before judging them.

The_Zeitgeist4232d ago

@ TimeSpliters "Also, too many people trying to become celebrities on N4G. It really gets on my nerves."

I am sick of too many people complaining about people who have goals and ambitions that they are pursuing. Like HHG or not that is your choice. But they guy is making it and he has done it all on his own. Even if you think he sensationalist junk journalism, his fast rise as a voice in the industry is impressive. I say kudos to people who have the guts to put themselves out there despite all the hate they can get from no name forum posters. Rather than just being some anonymous voice on a forum this Joe guy and HHG are making their voices heard. So get over it.

Ziriux4232d ago

Jeff Keleigh and Adam Sesler started the same way. Angry Video Game Nerd also, all started like this. The thing about most of these posters is that their not as open minded to things as people on digg, reddit and stumbleupon, and that is why those sites are ranked in top 100 sites on the net, while is ranked in top 3k.

Cheeseknight284232d ago

See, I love the Nerd because he doesn't try to use hit grabbing titles to draw attention. Reviewing Castlevania II in an overblown satirical manner is not at all similar to saying that Modnation Racers has killed off Mario.

There's a difference, it's just whether or not you have the capacity to realize it.

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hybridtheory124233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

most people hate it since uncharted 2 won goty

Timesplitter144233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

I love Uncharted 2, I was happy it got GOTY, yet I despise the VGAs. Therefore, your point is invalid.

It's because of the useless celebrities, the countless sponsors, the over-the-top commercial aspect, Halo being called the best story-oriented game and Megan Fox getting "best voice-actress" that it's your DUTY as a human being to annihilate the VGAs and spit on its grave.

hybridtheory124233d ago

ha. my point is not completely invalid. i sed most people. ill just exclude you from the most people then

Cheeseknight284233d ago

I was personally rooting for Batman, but I haven't played Uncharted 2 yet. Once I get around to it I'm sure it would be my GOTY, but I can't really root for a game I've never played.

That said, I'm just glad Call of Duty didn't take home the prize. Still can't believe Gametrailers gave it every single major award. It really seemed like Demon's Souls might pocket PS3 GOTY from them, seeing how they gave it best RPG and best New IP.

Digital Commando4232d ago

I watched them this year. They were boring, dull, and just disorganized. Gphoria for G4 is so much better and it still kicks the sh!t out of the VGA's even if they're a lot smaller than it used to be.