A decade gone by - Top 30 games of the decade

With the best decade of gaming coming to an end, we look back and relive some of the best gaming experiences it had on offer .These 30 games from the past decade deserve your attention...NOW!

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wdeath4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Mother-3: Not many people could play it in the West(due to no official release)...but the guys behind the fan translation have done a decent job..rather great!!! To bring forth this game. And it should get a much wider coverage and attention. As its definitely one of the finest Adventure games with a brilliant scenario.

Nice feature too, guys

jesuisankit4230d ago

A Great list indeed..a proper gamer who has been playing the games from the starting of this decade will understand the list.. it puts out the heart of gaming in there.. I can expect ppl flaming around no UC2, MGS4, Killzone, Mass Effect, Fable etc.. but I dont blame then.. they just started gaming mostly with PS3 and Xbox.. This list is true.. I though would have like DMC3 on that.. but well cant have everything :D

gryfindor14230d ago

List is fine...but there is no KOTOR...and no MW as well. Modern warfare has to be there somewhere...after did so much for multiplayer.

ico924230d ago

wheres MGS 4, gta sanadreas ?

Two-Face4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Great LIST!!!!!!!!

Wonderful that Max Payne got mentioned. That game was badass.
Deus Ex deserves the first spot.

But there are still some awesome games missing...

Baldur's Gate II

Ocelot5254230d ago

max payne had to be in the list but 7th is way too high imo

Mista T4230d ago

Deus Ex,so many memories


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The story is too old to be commented.