Real Actors for Lead Gaming Roles

The translation from video game to film is an undeniably shaky one. With gaming in general becoming more and more mainstream, it seems that film studios are buying up the rights to every popular title. Hopefully, a faithful adaptation of a gaming franchise will make to the big screen. Until then, gamers are left with just speculation. So the obvious question is, who would be picked to act as our beloved game heroes? Here's Gaming Today's list.

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emptiness4741d ago

but the thing is, using popular and well-known actors to play these parts makes the movie tank. the reason being that these actors already have a reputation. people either love them or hate them. more often hate them and if a person does love them they become disappointed when they see them in the movie.

case in point, for video game movies, USE RELATIVELY UNKNOWN but GREAT ACTORS. the movie will do Waaaaaayyyyyy better.

socomnick4740d ago

The wrestler looked allot like Marcus Fenix but who wants a wrestler to play him it will ruin the movie. The one who looked most like the game character was Edward Norton hes the splitting image of Gordon Freeman

Charlie26884740d ago

all of them except for Brad and George look really similar!

LOL Edward Norton looks disturbingly similar to Gordon Freeman :P

Caxtus7504740d ago

Agree with #2. Looks fine for Fenix but cmon we need an actor not stunt double. (although they will need that too lol)

also, MGS? were they joking? The guy needs to have an edge and look like he has experienced battle..not a boring meeting and thats assuming they dont make the movie earlier in the timeline.

*realises he has read to deeply into this article*