Giant Bomb's Wii Game Of The Year 2009

Nintendo does such a good job of dominating the software lineup on its own platforms that we could almost point out that Shattered Memories is made by someone else and stop right there. But that would be doing a disservice to all the bold, unexpected moves in this reboot of Konami's venerated survival horror series. Shattered Memories strips out the silly monster combat and focuses on psychological horror and a deep, pervasive sense of disorientation that forces you to stumble through the inexplicable, unsettling world of Silent Hill without ever really knowing exactly what's going on or where the game is leading you.

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dgroundwater4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

I'm halfway through and loving it thus far. It's an adventure game and not survival horror. Great character models and voicing too.

It's not that long but it's worth playing through twice for alternate events etc.

On a side note - Climax Group has a pretty trashy resume. Making movie games and ports for the last 20 years lol. The only decent game the worked on was the ATV Offroad Fury games.