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Monster Hunter Tri~ offers players the opportunity to live the life of a hunter, and with the option of split-screen mode where two players can hunt co-operatively it need never be a lonely existence. Further to this, players can form a team of up to four hunters via the game's custom online Wi-Fi mode, playing together to achieve greater things. New items, weapons and armour sets will be available to assist the hunters as they slay new enemies, embarking on what is promised to be the most epic Monster Hunter adventure to date.

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Chubear4222d ago

All I can think when seeing this game is, how awesome would this thing have been on a current gen system. Oh well, hopefully Sony JPN & From Software can put in a Monster Hunter type co-op option mode for Demon Souls II.

MicroCost4222d ago

I'm Getting Really Sick Of People Like You Complaining That Monster Hunter Isn't On A "Current Gen" System. The WII Is Perfectly Fine, Have You Seen Any Gameplay Videos? The Game Looks Great! Besides The Company Couldn't Make It On A "Current Gen" System Because Of Costs. That's Why You Should Never Expect To See A Harvest Moon Persona Or Maybe Even Dragon Quest Any Time Soon.

Chris3994222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

And annoying.

On topic. I'm sure that we'll get an HD version of the franchise sooner or later. How quickly depends on whether or not it succeeds in the NA Wii market. They could always just pull a NMH and up the resolution of the assets and crank out a semi-port.

I'm still too busy with Freedom and all the JRPGs coming out over the next three months to worry about this title for a while. I'll probably pass on this and pick up Arc Rise Fantasia instead; Fragile as well (even though the combat looks lame). I'd rather support a small, interesting franchise (ala Demon's Souls), than an established series that I can pick up at the bargain bin a couple of months down the road (Street Fighter is like $19.00 atm, for point of reference). Too many games in 2010 and tough choices must be made! :P

asdr3wsfas4222d ago

Your loss. Those of us with HD consoles and a wii laugh that your hate for the system can ruin a good game.

I just finished assassin's creed 2. Right now I'm playing metroid. Have fun waiting for Monster Hunter HD. I'll be playing while you do.

"If only Mario was on a better system...think of what they could do!"

ChickeyCantor4222d ago

" I'm sure that we'll get an HD version of the franchise sooner or later"

Options > video >Resolution > 1080p.

...O yeah they will...ok they might add some normal maps but thats about it

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Double Toasted4222d ago

the closest thing is Lost Planet 2 which is presumably right around the corner...but I would think that after the NA release of MH that a port would come out a little later for the more beefier systems.

asdr3wsfas4222d ago

If they have the money. The business element of gaming is lost on most people here since they are the targets of most advertising. HD games cost so much more to make that one misstep and a later abandoned game destroyed factor 5. Unless you're a major publishing house most companies can't deal with that level of risk. Even ones like Midway and Interplay are currently eating it.

Mahr4222d ago

"I would think that after the NA release of MH that a port would come out a little later for the more beefier systems."

Why is that? A port for the PSP would be cheaper, offer a higher potential install base, and would have the benefit of releasing on the system owned by most of the series's established fanbase.

FinalomegaS4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

I don't get it.

what's with this talk with MH3 and HD systems.

Capcom is NOT a small dev/publisher, tell me how many Capcom games that are on the wii have been ported? Ummm ZERO.

Was very interesting to see when MH3 was announced for the wii with most of the time the higher ups at Nintendo present as they might be involved with this exclusive game.

I don't see why it's such a big deal, most HD games that sell well aren't of this type. FPS and other over hyped games, this is such a different type like PSO.

Capcom can make an other MH on the PSP, why hasn't Capcom made a MH on the DS with that crazy install base??? I think they pick their system and stick with what they say, and I hope if they do bring a MH to the Hd system that it is from the ground up and not a port. People need to look past their nose, there will be more.

pcz4221d ago

I do, the 'hi-definition snobs' have their head stuck so far up their own ass they can't see something for what it is- a great game.

You never hear a film goer saying ''oh i refuse to watch that film because it wasn't shot using 'such and such' a camera.'' Its pathetic, these people who go on about resolution all day are not real gamers.

Its the content of the game that matters, not the way it appears. In the same way a movie should be judged on its message, entertainment value etc not the bloody picture resolution used to film the damn thing.