ConsoleGaming: Alien Breed Evolution Review

Alien Breed Evolution delivers an addictive and satisfying Alien stomping sci-fi survival experience which is expanded by the option of online play with a friend. Alien Breed Evolution and games like Shadow Complex are games that show how far direct download services like xbox live marketplace, the Playstation Network shop, and Steam have influenced the development of so-called budget size limited made for internet titles.

In just a few short years they are now more ambitious, larger in scope and demand a certain amount of respect as full games without the disc rather than the crowded first generation of straight level for level remakes and gimmicky short titles that had been offered to this point.

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dgroundwater4233d ago

Based on the demo this seems like a good game. Simplistic gameplay in a pretty package works for me. I would hope it is about 5 hours, then it would be worth the $10 for sure.