PlayStation LifeStyle – Game of the Year 2009

PlayStation LifeStyle names its Game of the Year for 2009. This year represented a year for excellence in gaming. Early in 2009 we were all finally treated to Killzone 2 and fans and critics alike received the game warmly. inFamous introduced us to Cole MacGrath and his electrical abilities. This summer most of us spent some time with the caped crusader in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Not to mention the holiday season greats such as: Assassin's Creed II, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank a Crack in Time. Unfortunately this doesn't make our job any easier, but we have selected the game of the year based solely on excellence.

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user94220774230d ago

Well deserved. Amazing title.

Sev4230d ago

Yeah Uncharted 2 was so good, GOTY really couldn't have gone to anything else.

Runner up IMO would be Batman Arkham Asylum.

Lifendz4230d ago

but I think I loved it so much because a dev finally made a Batman game right and paid homage to diehard fans by being so truthful to the comics.

My runner-up would probably be Killzone 2. From the single player to the multiplayer I felt Guerilla not only lived up to the hype but, in some areas, exceeded the hype.

DoucheVader4230d ago

Sooo many good games, very hard to chose really but Uncharted 2 was incredible.

doctorstrange4230d ago

This game deserves this award so much, the polish, the action, the set pieces, I love it.

dopeboimagic924230d ago

So how many GOTY's is it now for Uncharted 2? :P

ThePlaystation3guy4230d ago

Yet another GOTY for U2:AT. WHAT A MONSTER!!

Batman: AA is my runner-up, too. Ha!

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