Test Drive High Life just internal name for Unlimited 2

CC: Last week the CV of Guillaume Le Bris stated that he was a level designer for Test Drive High Life. Our first thought, was that High Life was a new name for Test Drive Unlimited 2, which was confirmed to be in development a couple of years ago.

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ruleroftekken3677d ago

That's like saying Natal might not be named Natal when it's released. But I bet MS will just keep it, as everyone knows it now.

Anyway, 'High Life' sounds so much better than 'Unlimited 2'

mjolliffe3677d ago

I know you don't want the worst game name in the world, but I just want to see a trailer!

AAACE53676d ago

TDU was a good game that slipped under alot of peoples radar. I hope this one gets the attention it deserves!

@Ruler of tekken... It's very rare for these code names to stick around. So don't get to set on the Natal name.

boodybandit3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I recently received my Fanatec 911 S and I can't stop playing on it. I love the wheel so much I am thinking about purchasing a 2nd. One for each gaming room. My wife thinks I'm nuts.

I loved TDU. It was definitely one of those games that slipped under the radar. It was one of the most fun games I played on the 360 at the time it came out. I have been anticipating this wouldn't be another franchise to go away like Rally Sport Challenge did and PGR kind of did.

otherZinc3675d ago

I've been waiting on this, TDU is my 3rd most favorite racer ever, love this game!

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gameseveryday3677d ago

does this mean this is the end of the franchise?

mjolliffe3677d ago

Don't think so, maybe just a whole new design...

dkblackhawk503677d ago

I hope it isn't the end of the franchise.

dalibor3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I still remember playing Test Drive 4 & 5 with the awesome soundtrack they had. I never did play Test Drive Unlimited though so I definitely will keep my eyes on TDU2. Hopefully it will be a thrill ride when it's all completed.

craziestsock3677d ago

Cant wait Unlimited was Amazing!!

MaximusPrime3676d ago

i want it on ps3!

i loved the first one when i used to have xb360

zootang3676d ago

Me too! I loved it so much and i can't wait to be playing it on my PS3. I just wish we had some sort of release date or trailer

dead_eye3676d ago

i had it on the ps2 first was awesome so i bought it again when i got a xbox. glad its coming to ps3 this time.

El_Colombiano3676d ago

I *loved* the first one on Xbox 360. I can't wait until it comes out so I can get it on PS3 this time. I hope the map is as big as it was last time!

Blaze9293676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

ya platforms were ever confirmed for this game. Might just be a PC release only :/


heh, nevermind...seems legit

PirateThom3676d ago

Maybe, but I think it's best just to assume PC and HD consoles until otherwise confirmed.

It seems to work all the time most of the time.

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Jamaicangmr3676d ago

Kinda like the way Xbox was just a code name but Microsoft decided to keep it.

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