Crysis hands-on from Games Radar

This is not Far Cry. The nanosuit your character wears in this spiritual successor turns you into a full-blown superhero, and it renders you near-unstoppable.

That means they've had to make your task exponentially harder to compensate, of course. This time you're taking on whole armies, fleets of vehicles, aliens the size of volcanoes and stranger things still. The resulting conflict is action of a higher order of magnitude. Every ten seconds something explodes, and a Crysis explosion is a hell of a thing to see.

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Crazyglues4778d ago (Edited 4778d ago )

It does say a lot about the company because you can see how they would take a game like FarCry and build upon the things they have learned, in-order to create the next level of Gaming off the FarCry concept.

Crysis just looks like one seriously amazing game. The only thing that worries me is the enemies don't seem to be that challenging any more. Especially now that you just have What could be considered as Superpowers. But I have not played the game yet so I can't really judge.

It does look amazing though, that's for sure. Especially with DirectX10

socomnick4778d ago

I hope Ill be able to play this soon.

neogeo4778d ago

they need another year to perfect this game maybe 2 years.
its just not up to par in my book.

If that don't lose me a bubble then nothing will:)