Console of the Decade

HBG: The last 10 years of gaming has had a lot to offer gamers. Gamers have had their choice of several great consoles each generation, each having something unique to offer. Each console had it's own library of games, but when you think of all those consoles, there is one that's truly stands out.

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Tovan4224d ago

Totally agree with the PlayStation 2, it was the first console that I really "got into" gaming with. Sure I had other console before, but the PS2 is what pulled me into the industry and such.

NateNater4224d ago

I agree Tovan. I started out with PS1 but when I bought PS2 it really changed gaming for me. Thank you Sony for the great gift of PS2...and PS3 :)

-Alpha4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

It debuted with stellar games, conceptualized new great franchises, gave us the first voice over of a FF game, gave us the first 3D GTA, etc. etc.

There's so much history with that console and the games were rock solid.

The one issue I had with it was that it was pretty much the 360 of this gen with Sony milking us for memory cards, multitap, network adapter, etc. Ironic how the best featured console isn't necessarily the fan favorite. Goes to show you how important the games are and how much they define the console.

The Sega Dreamcast is my runner up, and I will never forget how ahead of its time that console was. It pioneered online play, gave us some of the best games to date, etc. I always feel like the Xbox picked up where the Dreamcast left off but I really wish Sega was still around today.

Unfortunately the PS2 slaughtered it :(

I would probably follow up the Dreamcast with Gameboy Handhelds, but since they aren't really consoles I guess the next big thing would be the Xbox 360 objectively, though personally it would be the PS3 for me.

The 360 made a huge splash with Halo 3, pretty much stole the momentum from PS2 and capitalized on Sony's transition to the PS3 and managed to make online gaming the mainstream buzz with online gaming. People used to laugh at MS when it first debuted and now they have one of the most successful consoles to date... if it wasn't for RROD they would be remembered in the future as an all time great but RRoD has scarred them for life.

Now, personally I find that the end of the decade saw the turn for the PS3 to redeem itself and I strongly feel with 2010 Sony is going to regain their software lineup against the 360. But who knows what's going to happen the next year or two, let alone the next decade.

Oldsnake0074224d ago

there is no Contest, everyone knows its the ps2 .

Mindboggle4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

In all honesty and this is how the list should be...

PS2 - It was the first console to really spawn a ton of franchises that appealed to all ages, and it sold way over 100 million and is still selling.

360 - The first console to really bring online gaming to the mainstream, rather than some geeks bedroom. And the first to bring HD gaming to the living room.

Wii/ds - These defined casual gaming and now EVERYONE is copying motion controls and trying to tap into that casual market like nintendo has.

Im sorry but the gamecube,dreamcast,xbox,psp etc did nothing special at all... I did hold the PS3 off this list because i dont think its done anything amazing this decade apart from add a blu ray player. However i feel that if they get out there first with 3d gaming it could well be the best of the next decade..

4224d ago
DevastationEve4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

SubHD MGS4 says hi.

Both consoles have very few games that are 1080, and some are even less than 720. Xbox 360 games usually have the benefit of having antialiasing at very little performance drop.

Halo 3 being subHD is because of the two-pass HDR lighting engine that renders 2 1152x640 frames. MGS4 being subHD is because it's an anamorphic 4:3 resolution (1024x768).

siyrobbo4224d ago

PS2 is still selling strong now

Pretty amazing when you think about it

bageara4224d ago

Xbox 360

Saaking4223d ago

The first 360's didn't even have HDMI ports, so no. The 360 did not introduce HD gaming, the PS3 did.

pippoppow4223d ago

By far the best. So many games. Consoles are about the games after all.

When this gen is over the PS3 will outshine the competition with a better quality:Quantity Ratio. The most important factors to gamers.

GigglePuff4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

What?! Are you saying that HD resolutions can only be outputted through HDMI? You're obviously wrong, because component cables can output HD resolutions perfectly fine, although HDMI does offer a higher quality. Also, the 360 was released earlier than the PS3 was released, so I would say the 360 did introduce HD gaming.

Mindboggle4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Well you PS3 fanboys are pathetic. This is my last post, and last time I come on this dreadful site.

People like you saaking who are on here all the time and pounce whenever someone voices an opinion you dont like have ruined this once great site.

Ive been on here since the beginning and its been gradually going down hill for the last year and its now at the point where its full of trolls, stupid attempts to get hits and pure trash news....

So ive said my bit and Goodbye..

lightningsax4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Totally agree with PS2. I'm still playing new amazing games for it. I just got SMT Devil Summoner 2, borrowing a copy of Disgaea, in the middle of Ico, re-playing SotC, finished MGS2 a little while ago for the billionth time, and finished Persona 4 recently (well, at least the first 100+ hour playthrough).

I'm still eagerly awaiting the day when I have enough time to get Odin Sphere, Persona 3 FES, Suikoden III, GrimGrimoire, the first Devil Summoner, re-play GOWII, re-get Zone of the Enders 2, and heck, even get a JPN console and play the import Taiko Drum Master games with much harder material than the only NA version.

I have to remind myself constantly that this console is just about 10 years old. 10 years old and I'm playing games for their current value, not their nostalgic value.

@Mindboggle- Every post one makes affects the quality of the site; if you're just pining for days of old, you're making N4G a slightly pine-ier place, no matter what your perceived opposition is or isn't posting. If you bring good ideas to the site, you're doing your part. Leave and you change nothing. Oh well, it's your choice.

kewlkat0074223d ago

Pure domination and top of the line gaming library.

ViciousBoston4223d ago

goodbye you wont be missed, tool. just upset cuz we dont drink the green and white kool-aide/BS thats fed to us.

NoBias4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

"The first 360's didn't even have HDMI ports, so no. The 360 did not introduce HD gaming, the PS3 did."

What?? Component video carries High Definition signals. It can carry 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. I don't understand the logic of your statement.

I thought you said were done, or at least trying to back off from saying fanboyish statements. PS3 was the first to show the HDMI port on a gaming console, yes. However, they were not the first to have a console that delivers a high definition signal.

What you just said doesn't even make sense.

Saaking4223d ago

How am I pouncing on anyone? I'm stating a fact. The first 360's did not come with HDMIs. Anyways, check this out-

DaCajun4223d ago

You are pouncing and you pretty much did say that the Xbox 360 didn't introduce HD gaming because it didn't have an HDMI like the PS3. Dude if you are going to make dumb comments like that then please keep quiet because you make PS3 owners look stupid and I don't want someone like you making the rest of us that actually have a brain look like fools. Love my PS3 but the 360 with it's component cable which actually transmits up to 1080p was the fist to bring out HD gaming. Plus I read some where on N4G that you were going to stop acting like a Rabid crazed fanboy, guess that didn't last long back on the crazed fanboy routine again I see.

edgeofblade4223d ago

You are wrong. HDMI is not necessary for HD. I can output 1080p over VGA no problem. In fact, component could handle 1080p... and it does on 360. It would on PS3 were it not for d-wad execs who were paranoid about copyright.

dalibor4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

You shouldn't take the fanboy stuff seriously. I know I don't & I've been here ever since 07. Or just post in the forums, there's less drama there. Man time flies.

ReservoirDog3164223d ago

Anything other than the PS2 would be blasphemy...

LiL T4223d ago

Your all wrong. If you are gonna sit there and say that you can output HD with a component cable ( which is true) the you can't possibly forget that the PS2 had this option ( along with Fiber optic 4 sound) and could do 480p and 1080i. So in conclusion the PS2 was the first "console" to introduce HD gaming with digital sound as a bonous.

Udidntlistenpunk4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

The PS2 is a good choice.

Followed closely by the PS3. Lets face it people.

and [email protected] people who think component cables can output HD.

Go hook up your tv to a console with component and do another tv with HDMI and look at the difference.

There is no comparison. One is true HD and the other is SUB STANDARD definition.

If you think component can do real HD, you might aswell keep playing on SNES.

zeeshan4223d ago

You know what? If Edge, Kotaku or GameTrailers had gone and wrote one of these articles, you know that Xbox 360 would have been the "Console of the Decade". SAD but true! Those suckers are a bunch of big M$ fanboys

edgeofblade4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Oh the irony of your name. Now you are splitting hairs in support of your favored console. Ok... I can play that game too.

360 actually came with composite cables out of the box at launch... and HDMI on the Elite, as opposed to PS3, that only (and still) packed composite. Unfortunately, both consoles only pack-in composites now. so it would seem 360 took a step back where PS3 never even took that step forward.

Amazing how short some people's memory is...

LiL T is right, but if you want to recognize PS2 as an HD console, you have to recognize the first Xbox as well. They were both just as capable as the other.

pixelsword4223d ago

When disc-based consoles were either (coincidentally in respect to the Playstation's legacy) $600 and not selling, or an attachment like the Atari Jaguar's CD or Sega's CD attachment, the Playstation was the first cheap fully-integrated CD-based console to be successful.

Playstation's dichotomy as a brand name is as the first playstation was the console to kill $600 CD consoles and introduce a smart, cheap technological jump from the PS1 to the PS2, the $600 Playstation 3 was the first console over $500 that survived and could possibly revive huge, possibly expensive technological jumps for other consoles.

NOW THE IRONY IS "the expensive PS3" means "the very cheap PS4", as the PS3's architecture is likely to not only double the console's lifespan, but that gives newer improvements a chance to cheapen from being in other products first.

morganfell4223d ago

Aliasing issues on the PS3 are about to go away:

The technique and hardware are there. It's up to the devs now.

LiL T4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Actually you should stay in school. Then you would know that component cable can output 1080p and the only thing HDMI did was integrate the audio and video into one cable so you don't have a mess in the back of your t.v like you do in the back of your pants. Thank you have a nice day.

edit: bubbles 4 you edgeofblade, thats right they could both do it and it was last gen that was the point of my argument. (I would of agreed but my crappy ps3 browser won't allow it so its a bubble instead)

morganfell4222d ago

Actually it can output 1080p but it isn't allowed to. That's because HDCP only works on HDMI. HDCP provides security protocols and is the reason that you need HDMI in order to play Bluray movies.

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omgpoppanda4224d ago

the PS2 was truly the great console. i loved that thing to death. i had so many games for it. and i still play it every so often just to relive the memories

n4f4224d ago

the console of the DECADE belong to ps2
most people should agree with this

DigitalHorror814223d ago

Is the OBVIOUS and clear winner, with consoles still selling out in stores to this day. My second place winner is the SEGA DREAMCAST, which utilized graphical hardware (and controllers) ahead of its time. The VMU is still a fantastic technical achievement for the time it was released. 9/9/99, my 18th birthday. (I bought it the first hour it was available.)

Mista T4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

yeah, ps2 I agree

what will be the console of the decade of the 2010s??? 0_o

Kreyg4224d ago

It will be interesting to see how the next 10 years go and what systems we see come and go.

snipermk04224d ago

Sure, it wud be fun to see what the next 10 years hold provided a massive meteorite/planet/comet doesn't wipe us all out in 2012. :P

DigitalHorror814223d ago

The Playstation 4. :o) Speaking of which, does anyone know when the next-gen hardware is slated to be released?

-MoOkS-4224d ago

In order:


jmare4224d ago

Wow, That's a good list./s But you forgot the Dreamcast.

NotSoSilentBob4224d ago

Damn whydis/wewon/mooks/Metalgearri singHD

you always have to rip on the ps3 no matter what you post?

bjornbear4224d ago

best ones are on the outer ends of the list, and as you go "into" the list, it gets worst =D AWSUM!

You're a GENIUS mooks! A GENIUS! /s

Rhythmattic4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Just do it, buy your own PS3 (I dont care what your Bio States) and you order in the list will change... Quite simple really.

SilverSlug4223d ago

Did not come out this decade, came out in September 9th 1999 in the USA.

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