Bayonetta - Review (Eurogamer Portugal)

Eurogamer Portugal said: A few years ago, Hideki Kamiya, has brought us a game called Devil May Cry, a game full of action, innovation and style. Today, we have at hand Bayonetta, the same creator of such gems as Viewtiful Joe and Okami. In fact, Bayonetta is very similar to Devil May Cry, but superior in every respect. It has its own personality and it is impossible not to be dazzled by its beauty.

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Daver4224d ago

Bayonneta might be superior in every ways of Devil may cry but i dont know it is not just as badass.. its too girlish with the butterflies and things. Its gonna be darksiders for me.

Kurylo3d4223d ago

To play this game you either have to be a woman who wants to see herself as sexy... OR a man who is secretly gay cause he wants to see himself as a sexy woman.

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Omega44224d ago

This game looks to be the best hack and slash action game of the year with all these high scores, could even get a GOTY nomination if it doesnt get forgotten.

diefor4224d ago

The problem is that was a 2009 game and a 2010 game. To late in the last year, and to soon in this year.

steck674223d ago

Its a little too early to call it best hack and slash of the year (the year just started lol). We still have Dante and God of War 3 on the way, which both looks to be very promising IMO.

freeman294224d ago

Bayonetta is really sexy ;).

Mandaspt4224d ago

Best action game in the early 2010. A good start for this year :D

Supercalifragili4224d ago

I´m waiting for this. Seems better than Devil May Cry.

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The story is too old to be commented.