What lessons can be learned from the Resistance: Fall of Man row?

With far more predictable sources of tabloid ire - Manhunt 2 or GTA IV, for instance - due for release on their consoles relatively soon, Sony can be forgiven for being blindsided by the latest headline-grabbing furore over games content.

Resistance: Fall of Man, an alt-history alien blaster for PS3, is a surprising source of complaint compared to Rockstar's controversy baiting output - and it's also surprising that the complaint comes from the Church of England.

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Bill Gates4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Lets see, about how to make a hella fun game with NO glitches, and not such a short campaign mode.

...Yes this aplies to the 1st Killzone (glitches), AND Gears of War (glitches, and short), so don't give me any poop.

Captain Tuttle4741d ago

I'd imagine that the easiest way around this is for developers to create new, earthlike worlds like Sera in Gears of War. Could this be the beginning of the end for WW2 games? (god I hope so)

Firewire4741d ago

I'm sure at this moment developers are planning hundreds more! Sad!

nobizlikesnowbiz4741d ago

I'm tired to WW2 genre as well. It's very stale. But I would be interested in seeing a more realistic feeling WW2 game. Something that conveys the danger and death a lot better than a little puff of red and then the guy falls down and dissapears.

How crazy would a war-game be if it had the realistic gore that Gears has? It would be gross. Poor dude gets hit with 20mm cannon and explodes....

kevin4740d ago

gears of war is far from realistic, the only thing that is somewhat graphically impressive about it, is the super unrealistic blood affect, that is all, that is the only thing that is somewhat great about this overratted game, resistance is truely in all accounts a more realistic game that that weakling gears

WIIIS14740d ago

Just how sour were those grapes you just had?