Google To Host Gaming Via YouTube?

Microsoft and Square Enix aren't the only ones making news with patent applications this week. Given YouTube's impact on entertainment, it's only fitting that Google may want to send the site down the same path as televisions and PC's into the world of gaming, and that's exactly what an application the company filed in February outlines.

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dgroundwater4223d ago

I remember a cool Halo themed "choose you own adventure" video series on Youtube. Maybe they will do more stuff like that.

Sk8boyP4223d ago's turned into Ad Tube.

PirateThom4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Firefox + Ad Block Plus

dragonelite4223d ago

haha yeah since youtube is owned by google you have to watch commercials every 2~3 video. Its kinda irritating i have to say.
But yeah youtube is kinda a internet icon just like google as searchengine.

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Kajaah1174223d ago

Pretty amazing. That had to take hundreds of hours to plan and execute.

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