PS3 demand solid in year-end sales

"Demand for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 held strong at this week in year-end sales movement at the retailer.

On Thurs., the PS3 120GB SKU held a 281 percent sales increase to rank at No. 22 in Amazon's Video Games division."

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TheTruth20094222d ago

Here's a link to Amazon's "VideoGame BestSellers".

PS3 Supporters claim that they had this MONSTER 2009.
I think it was like being "Valedictorian at Night School" because Microsoft and Nintendo held back titles on purpose.

But I digress...

Scroll down the list and tell me how long it takes you to get to an exclusive PS3 title. Takes a while, huh? In the "Year of the PS3"?


Your cloaked attempts at showing the public that people care about the PS3 is depressing.




GrandTheftZamboni4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Here's the latest worldwide sales from VGChartz:

"Number 1: PS3 Final Fantasy XIII 1,508,558"

El_Colombiano4222d ago

Uncharted 2. GOTY. Yeah. Cry.

Persistantthug4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Keep in mind that I made this list in mid to late October, so the numbers have changed a bit, but they are not significantly different.

But these are all of the BEST OF THE BEST games that were released in 2009 throughout 2009 up until mid to late October

--Resident Evil 5, PS3: 2.47m.....XBOX 360: 2.35m
--Street Fighter IV, PS3: 1.40m.....XBOX 360: 1.25m
--BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, PS3: 0.20m...XBOX 360: 0.14m
--Batman: Arkham Asylum, PS3: 1.07m.....XBOX 360: 0.92m
--NHL 10, PS3 0.11m..... XBOX 360: 0.16m
--FIFA Soccer 10, PS3: 0.78m.....XBOX 360: 0.57m
--The Beatles: Rock Band, PS3: 0.27m.....XBOX 360: 0.45m

I made this comment post because you seem to have a misconception that "NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE PS3 AS A GAMING MACHINE"....

Obviously that isn't true. And since your name is "TheTruth2009"....I thought you might want to actually see the truth, so you can correct yourself. I'll send you a PM so that you don't miss it, ok.

Take care, TheTruth2009.

ColossiSlayer4222d ago

I could care less how much PS3 sells, all I know is the PS3 has the most value per dollar spent on it than the other two consoles available. With KZ2, InFamous, Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank & Uncharted 2 all being released in 2009 and a very strong lineup in place from Jan - Apr with Modnation Racers, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain, God Of War 3 & Gran Turismo 5.
It's not PS3 supporters trying to claim we had a monstrous 2009. The gaming media has said it for us. All the major video game media outlets that don't have Xbox or 360 in their name has given their "Best Of Award" to a PS3 exclusive. From the VGA to IGN to Gamespot.
Where can you prove Nintendo and Microsoft held games back on purpose?
Super Mario Bros. Wii says Hi so does Halo:ODST.
For the past 2 weeks on N4G you've seen PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted 2 & Demon's Souls win Console Game of the Year awards.
Sony announced Infamous a Single Player Only Exclusive selling around 1.2 Million copies as of Oct.2009 weeks ago.
I understand your anger for the Amazon article, probably
because you haven't been able to purchase a PS3 because they have been sold out the past couple of weeks on Amazon...

OmarJA-N4G4222d ago

TheJoke2009 got pawned again like a little girl... :D

Awww poor thing. :(

Man_of_the_year4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

--Resident Evil 5, PS3: 2.47m.....XBOX 360: 2.35m (PS3 Wins)
--Street Fighter IV, PS3: 1.40m.....XBOX 360: 1.25m (PS3 Wins)
--BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, PS3: 0.20m...XBOX 360: 0.14m (PS3 Wins)
--Batman: Arkham Asylum, PS3: 1.07m.....XBOX 360: 0.92m (PS3 Wins)
--NHL 10, PS3 0.11m..... XBOX 360: 0.16m (360 Wins)
--FIFA Soccer 10, PS3: 0.78m.....XBOX 360: 0.57m (PS3 Wins)
--The Beatles: Rock Band, PS3: 0.27m.....XBOX 360: 0.45m (360 Wins)

So out of 7 titles the PS3 has 5 games that have sold slightly better on the PS3 while 360 has 2 games that have sold slightly better on the 360.

Now with the data you see a correlation? If not let be oblige.
Resident Evil 5 (PS3) was released before the 360 version in Japan. Street Fighter IV was released in the arcade in Japan and not NA, so PS3 owners purchased the game on the PS3 as the PS3 is the dominant console in Japan.
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigge - Japanese Anime fighting game, again sold most units in Japan where PS3 is dominant.
Batman: Arkham Asylum - Had the JOKER as an exclusive character, so for the same price as the 360 version, you got exclusive content, to multi-console owners, this was a no-brainer.
NHL 10 - NHL is only in the NA so obviously it will sell better on the dominant console in NA.
The Beatles: Rock Band - Again, exclusive content for this game was available for 360 buyers thus why it sold better on the 360.
-FIFA Soccer 10 - Soccer is much larger in Europe than it is in NA, so most of the sales came from Europe. Certain sports apply to certain countries ie. NHL 10 and how pro NA the game is.

So as we can see 3 games were highly Japanese orientated. 1 had exclusive content, and the other is an area more pro for that certain sport.

The list was rather small and i would say cherry-picked to help your argument. Picking 2 games from Capcom, 1 anime game, 1 game at the same price but with exclusive content and then a European game where the sport is dominant.

How about this list with some of the most anticipated titles and reviews?
Fallout 3....PS3:1.82 mil.....360:2.82 mil (360 Wins)
Madden 10....PS3:1.43 mil.....360:1.89 mil (360 Wins)
Call of duty 4....PS3: 4.87 mil.....360: 8.04 mil (360 Wins)
Modern Warfare 2.....PS3: 5.28 mil.....360: 7.83 mil (360 Wins)
Borderlands......PS3: 0.40 mil......360: 1.13 mil (360 Wins)
Fight Night Round 4....PS3: 0.86 mil.....360: 1.00 (360 Wins)
Assassin's Creed II....PS3: 2.38......360: 2.38 mil (360 Wins)
Grand Theft Auto 4...PS3: 6.09 mil....360: 7.46 Mil (360 Wins)
Dead Space.....PS3: 0.82 mil.......360; 0.88 (360 Wins)
Soul Calibur 4.....PS3: 1.08 mil......360: 1.34 mil (360 Wins)

and the list goes on and on and on. Clearly the majority of Multi-plat games sell better on the 360.

@GrandTheftStreetcar - What a REALLY stupid comment there bro. It's a Final Fantasy game and is EXCLUSIVE to the PS3 in JAPAN where it was just released 5 months before the release in NA.

CernaML4222d ago

"Assassin's Creed II....PS3: 2.38......360: 2.38 mil (360 Wins)"

Nice self ownage. lol

GrandTheftZamboni4222d ago

"@GrandTheftStreetcar - What a REALLY stupid comment there bro. It's a Final Fantasy game and is EXCLUSIVE to the PS3 in JAPAN where it was just released 5 months before the release in NA."

TheTruth2009 asked: "Scroll down the list and tell me how long it takes you to get to an exclusive PS3 title."

Final Fantasy IS PS3 exclusive and that's why I posted that link.

The Maxx4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I think you ment

Assassin's Creed II....PS3: 2.11......360: 2.38 mil (360 Wins)

If you are going to make a point...make sure you pay more attention to what you are typing. Although clearly a mistake, some less than intelligent people may not see that you actually gave undeserved credit where it should not have been and use terms like "self ownage".

@ CernaML - I found it funny that you called him out on that, yet when i looked up the info, the total sales for the PS3 were lower than what he put....and you say "self ownage". LOL Did you even follow up on his claims before you said "self ownage"? Cause it doesn't seem like you did. Had you done that, you would have seen he gave more credit to the amount of sales of Assassins creed 2 for the PS3 than what should have been. Had you not said anything, i wouldn't have noticed and thought...hey they both sold the same on each console, good for Sony.

Karooo4221d ago

thats all you can say to damage control?? in 2010 sony big franchises are coming and sony has 21 first party studios there are no shortages of game so stfu.

insomnium4221d ago

Stop hiding and answer. Are you a man or a coward?

rohail884221d ago

get his bubble back? Well im taking it away again!

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Saaking4222d ago

The PS3 has buried the 360 in Japan and will do the same in Europe when GT launches. The only place left to conquer is NA, but even if Sony looses in NA, it destroyed the 360 world wide so it doesn't really matter.

gunnerforlife4222d ago

worldwide sails the 360 dont stand a chance against the PS3, BUT then again Japan and Europe don't matter cuz its all about the USA sails.

AAACE54222d ago

It's true that the Ps3 has buried the 360 in japan, but to be honest, Japan belongs to Nintendo. So neither Sony or MS are really doing anything significant in that region!

@Gunnerforlife... Sails?

Sails - The things on a ship that catch wind and helps move it.
Sales or Sells - Are one of the words you were looking for.

sparta764222d ago

The 120g PS3 was soldout at amazon for over a week!
Wonder how they did this month., here in n/a..
Pretty sure they outsold the 360.,

lowcarb4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

So when 360 destroys PS3 and Wii software sales month after month it doesn't matter but when PS3 sales more consoles in Japan it's important? huh

I hate to tell you guys this but from a developer stand point software sales are more important than how many consoles are sold. Your loyalty will not count for anything this gen because everybody knows where the money is at. Sure there's more 360's out there but all the way back to xbox days the console has almost always outdone playstation in software sales. Also I don't think GT will sell as well as expected upon release.

Edit below: Actually the only thing sinking or sunk should I say is PS3 because it can't seem to come up and pass the 360 no matter what. It's gotten so bad to the point where they're relying on fud from fanboys and trying to act as if NA isn't important. Man how I love coming here just to read the cries of people that still can't except the fact that MS is here to stay.

sikbeta4222d ago

Sails...oh, you admit xbox 360 is sinking

HardcoreGamer4222d ago


Halo3 MLG Pro4222d ago

Yeah to bad the software sales isn't improving. The 360 outsold the ps3 and the wii COMBINED in the software sales in November. That says volumes right there.

Can you say....ps3 is a bluray player first???? It's official. The 360 is the better gaming machine. The software sales of the 360 easily destroys the ps3's laughable software sales.

ForROME4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Go look at my posts from 2 years ago, I said it clearly, when people were bashing the PS3 when its sales were lackluster, I said:

"The PS3 Globally will beat the 360 over all, NA will be the only place it has a fight on its hands, but overall, it will still win this gen"

Called it yearssssssssssss ago, and heres the kicker, I am not a die hard SONY fan.

OmarJA-N4G4222d ago

Have fun playing sales while i play my AAA GOTY games... :)

Dude seriously enough with the spinning in every article.

pippoppow4222d ago

Sales are important to a certain degree. As long as a game recoups money and generates profit to generate more IPs and sequels and helps the company grow then all is good. Sure it would be nice for the Devs/Pubs to gain a 1000% profit but I'm sure around 100% is satisfying.

The amount of sales has no bearing on how good a game is. I do not buy a game just because reviewers think it's amazing if I personally am not interested in it (Bayonetta) and just because a game sells 2 million in one week I don't care for means I buy it anyways.

Sony is delivering the most important aspect. Games. Every year a nice diverse lineup of exclusives and multi-platform games catering to different tastes.

MS is not all about hoarding their money while giving very little back to their fan base. They sure don't give too much back for such a rich company generating so much money.
-Still charging for online and still no increase in dedicated servers. -How about a web browser instead of just allowing a few sites to be accessed.
-Buying or creating new studios?!
-Natal. Motion control camera to try and reign in Wii type gamers. Hardly for their shooter centric fan base.

Nintendo is quietly raking in the real money between DS and Wii sales.
I would love for Nintendo to come out with a high end HD console next gen. Since all consoles will most likely have motion controls out the box it would probably benefit them to come out with a console as powerful as the competition to get the same multi-platform games. A Nintendo like in the SNES days would be great.

randomwiz4222d ago

yeah, the ps3 has poor software sales. Thats why so many studios are closing down, and not developing for the ps3 anymore.(sarcasm)

If you look closely, the 360 GENERALLY gets more software sales on shooters only. Take a non shooter game like Assassin's Creed II for example. Sold similarly on both platforms.

Pro ps3 sales articles make ps3 fanboys happy, 360 fanboys butthurt
Pro 360 sales articles make 360 fanboys happy, ps3 fanboys butthurt

If your either fanboy, and see an article that makes you butthurt, dont comment on the article. Because spinning the news just makes you look like butthurt fanboys.

4222d ago
hoops4221d ago

You don't rest with your fanboy rants do you?
Do you work for Sony to really care about console sales?

zeeshan4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

I would take my Uncharted 2, GOW3, LBP, MGS4, KILLZONE 2, GRAN TURISMO, MAG, VC, inFAMOUS, R&C, Demon's Soul and an endless supply of high quality games with FREE online gaming than multi-million selling crappy software HALO and crappy hardware combined with lack of exclusives and a paid subscription ANY GOD DAMN DAY :)

I have said this before and I'll say it again. SALES DO MATTER but not to me. It must matter to Sony but I am not Sony man. Sony doesn't pay me to buy their games. My high quality entertainment priority comes first and that's what matters to me. I am getting what I want from SONY (I own an X360 too btw) and I am happy with that. Do I care if there are like 10 million more people playing the same game? Answer: OH HELL NO!!

n4gno4221d ago

Bu bu bu bluray will loose
PS3 is doomed
Killzone can't exist...etc

and now, the new one :
"Yeah to bad the software sales isn't improving"

fans in denial don't want to know that sales are very good worlwide, they prefer to only knows (and repeat like parrots) that uncharted, in us, don't sales more than halo (don't ask them about forza or fable, they don't want to know too, rumor&lie's world is so peacefull for their troubled mind)

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NYC_Gamer4222d ago

PS3 is selling out everywhere...

redsquad4222d ago

Ah, STREWTH2009, like King Canute, emerging from his hole to hold up his hand and squeal "back, back I say" at the incoming tide of good news regarding the PS3.

I'm still waiting for him to remind me which 360 game without GEARS or HALO in it's title performed above his "flop" standards. Still waiting... Hello?

Yomiro4222d ago

The only thing saving the xbox 360 is the year head start.

Karum4222d ago

At this point that is really the only reason the 360 has such a lead over the PS3. Well that and the ridiculous launch price of the PS3.

Also don't forget that it would have been 18 months head start in some areas as the PS3 release in Europe was 6 months after the US release.