Crysis new screens

6 new screenshots of Crysis.

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kewlkat0074738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

look at the Suits the guys are wearing, I wonder if it has some camouflage option. Sorta reminds me of Metal Gear suit. Look way better then that game "Haze" uniforms. I wish this was coming to consoles, oh well, I'll wait for the next Xbox with DX12. My computer is no way able to handle such game.

UPDATE: Question Answered

Rooted_Dust4738d ago

I'm glad they made the rocket launcher shoulder mounted again. I didn't really care for the waiste high rocket launcher.

id dot entity4738d ago

Wow I am going to make the same comment I always make when new Crysis screens are released.

Speaks for itself. (In about 5 years we will laugh about these graphics...)