The One-Year Cycle, Innovation vs. Expectation

GB writes: "Everyone knows to expect a new sports game every year, but what if there was a new Halo or Uncharted every year? This year at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, we saw the announcement of the new Batman Arkham Asylum, the sequel to a game that released just three months ago. There was no set date for release however, there is a large chance we could see the game in late 2010. The question I pose to you is this; do you want your favorite franchises on a yearly basis?"

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CrippleH4230d ago

Uh no leave Uncharted sequels to come out on a 2 year basis. Quality>Quantity.

gameseveryday4230d ago

I felt the need to comment on this:

Yep Naughty Dog will not risk by taking out a sequel every year. the taste of the franchise will go down. Imagine a mgs game every year... I doubt Kojima would have been successful if he would have shelved a new Metal Gear every year.!

pixelsword4230d ago

He'll go crazy after a while...

Saaking4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Innovation is only required for PS3 games. Everything else (COD, Halo, Gears, Forza, L4D etc) get's free pass. At least, that's the logic reviewers seem to take.

tdrules4230d ago

there are no good games that come out every year worth purchasing.
except L4D series :3

pippoppow4230d ago

Bad enough sports titles do this. Now with L4D2 and ODST selling for full price when it should have sold for less but being successful regardless, will have a negative effect. There will be devs that will look to take advantage and cut corners and resources to push a popular game out there for a quick money grab.

Next half life game will most likely be much better than L4D 1&2 due to the time and resources thrown into it. Same goes for Reach.

We as gamers need to be on the lookout because these so called professional gaming publications will side most of the time with the industry they report on instead of gamers.

siyrobbo4230d ago

odst was not released at full price everywhere, the UK for example

hazardman4230d ago

In my opinion developers are better off making games and then giving us DLC while they work on a true sequel to there games.

table4230d ago

Reach will be the 4th Halo game in 4 years so we already have a yearly Halo game and that resulted in 2 lackluster games that didn't live up to the high standards of the series(Wars and ODST). I'd prefer quality over quantity but maybe some fans just need a fix of their favourite game. I agree with the author's sentiments on at least a 2 year cycle although yearly sports games still make sense.

lavitz4230d ago

Halo Wars is an RTS made by Ensemble Studios. It may be Halo in name, but I don't think it should be thrown in the same pile as the rest of the Halo games.

Kalowest4230d ago

The last real Halo game was in 07 Halo:3, Wars and ODST don't really count. Halo:Reach has been in development since 07, so that's a 3 year deve cycle.

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