RPG Battle Royale: Final Fantasy vs. Dragon Quest

Console RPGs have existed for more than two decades now, but disappointingly, Bitmob hasen't seen too many real life brawls over which multi-million selling RPG series reigns supreme. To remedy that problem, they are going to pit two RPG titans against each other: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The first battle of this epic war will only involve the first part of each of these two franchises.

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thorstein4233d ago

This person really likes FF. DQ has always had a place in my gaming library. If I had to choose, I would always pick DQ. The early FFs were amazingly great. And on par with DQ. But, every DQ title is pure quality. Unlike FF. And for that alone, I think DQ is the better franchise over all.

Reibooi4233d ago

In Japan DQ would win out easily. The franchise is FAR more popular there.

However on the World Wide Stage Final Fantasy takes it. Not all the DQ games have been released world wide. Granted the ones that have been were incredible games but they still never sold FF numbers world wide(despite outselling FF in Japan)

MicroCost4233d ago

Dragon Quest Will Always Be Better Because It's Stuck With Its Roots.
While Final Fantasy Is Always Trying To Reinvent Itself.
I Sill Love DQ 5 + 8

Henry Cain4233d ago

Right now I would have to go with DQ. The Journey of the Curse King was excellent game on the PS2. The Story was amazing and the the character development was great. I think the earlier FFs were good but they seem to be fallen off. Another game I hold close to my heart is Chrono Trigger.

Hisiru4233d ago

I agree with you, sir.

I prefer DQ games because of the higher difficulty and storyline. FF is disappointing me lately but I still think that FF6 is one of the best RPGs ever.

The FF formula is changing every release, and not for the best (in my opinion).

Chrono Trigger is incredible.

chidori6664233d ago

dragon quest is more popular than ff in japan.

Redempteur4233d ago

The 2 trinity sagas

dragon quest 4,5,6 vs final fantasy 4,5,6 ..

6 awesome games ... few rpgs tries to break the mold at least as much as these titles did ..

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The story is too old to be commented.