No downloadable content for PS3 version of GTA4

Take-Two, the parent company of GTA publisher/developer Rockstar, has revealed its line-up of games scheduled for release in 2008 and there's still no indication that PS3 will receive any GTA IV downloadable content.

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xfrgtr4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

But LA Noire indicated as PS3 exclusive
"with no indication that any extra Grand Theft gubbins is planned for Sony's console " doesn't mean there will be no downloadable content;I love the way the xbox fanboys spin the news,they are so jealous and unsecure,I feel sorry for them

Skizelli4739d ago

I feel sorry for fanboys that bash other fanboys. Get off your podium.

Raiyel4739d ago

Is it possible that the PS3 don't need the downloaded content because it will already come on the disc?

Remember guys, the PS3's BluRay version will have a TON more space for extra's while the 360's DVD will perhaps have the users download it?

ShiftyLookingCow4739d ago

360 is supposed to have "exclusive" content. I thought extra stuff usually comes a few months after a game's release. If PS3 includes extra content on disc, does that mean its coming later? I dont think so. For all the talk of Oblivion having extra content, Shivering Isles is yet to show up on PS3.

solidt124739d ago

There will be Downloadable content on Both Platforms. They said it themselves in game informer. Whoever wrote this article is a dip.

Vash_The_Stampede4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I remember reading this myself in Game informer, you guys should really read the news, lol. Rockstars on words, "Both Platforms will have downloadable content". My stomach is hurting so bad from laughing at 360 fanboys. Their so far in denial that's it's gonna be painful to watch them suffer when that low quality machine of theirs falls short.

To: The guy below me,

LMAO are you serious, how many GB can a dvd hold again, lmao. You actually love compressed audio, LMAO, and you call your selves Next Gen players. Wait a tick, how many time have your console been in for repairs. HAHAHAHA!!!!

But seriously all jokes aside you guys need to get the facts straight. In 6 months time your denial phase will be over and then your gonna have to start actually thinking.

sjappie4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

dream on sport! What's to deny about the 360? It's got more going for it
than your Blu-ray player son.
The article is indeed bullsh*t.

Reply to Vash' edit:

Well actually V ass, I bought mine in dec. 2005 and it's still going strong. Talking about storage room. Tell me, what game are you playing or movie are you watching on your beloved ps3 that actually needs and uses the storage potential of the blu-ray disc? Exactly, none, so STFU! Besides, by the time the space is really needed for games, we'll be a few years along and we'll use digital distribution.
And if that's the main argument you give me for ps3's superiority, it's pretty pathetic, so once again STFU!

Skizelli4739d ago

In the end, both Xbots and Sony Cheerleaders will be playing the game. Who really cares who gets what for downloadable content? I sure don't. I'm sure both will get something the other won't, so there's no sense in bashing each other.

And why are you so hard up on uncompressed audio? Do you actually waste disc space on FLAC over MP3s because you really believe you hear much of a difference? It's like the 30fps VS 60fps argument. Most people can't tell the difference. More space != better. If you really think it does, I feel sorry for you.

Delive4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

When the Digital distribution gets moving, you will have to shell out more money to MS to use it. 20GB vs 60Gb? The black ones really are bigger. Go shell out more money to MS for a bigger HDD. So far, the games hindered by DVD? Tiger Woods 2007. Could not fit all the courses in High def, so it got 12 while the PS2 version gets over 20 courses for less money? How about gears? yea I said it. Imagine what that game would heve been on HD-DVD. Your 360 is handicapped out the gate. I had one, traded it for a Wii. Best deal yet and now my house seems cooler, all the candles don't melt when not lit.

sjappie4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Like I said, what game on the ps3 couldn't be done on a dvd? Don't gimme resistance couse we all know that was fluffed up to get as much gb's as possible. And even if space is becoming insufficient on dvd; tah dah!; 2 dvd-discs. Who gives a f*ck if you have to change the disc once in a while? I know I don't.
360 handicapped out the gate? Right chum. Ps3 cripled itself by putting a Blu-ray player in it. At $400 it would have sold a lot more and been on the market alot earlier than now. It's obvious ps3 is in a not so good position right now so you gimme YOUR money and to you too STFU!

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MaximusPrime4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

any played any gta games and i dont want to.
So it doesnt bother me.

Edit: to people who disagreed with me. What is the point of disagreeing to my comment. i wasnt expecting it.

r10004739d ago

Yea i'm with you, I'm all for mindless fun every now and then, but GTA is a little too mindless....

Captain Tuttle4739d ago

I could just never get into the games. No depth at all.

DreamSnach24739d ago

it sound like you have a ps3

Captain Tuttle4739d ago

Why does it matter to you which console people have? People who own certain consoles don't have valid opinions? Please.

Siesser4739d ago

Seriously, not everyone who owns a system fits into some stereotypical niche. I've had a PS1, PS2, and love my PS3, but can't stand playing GTAs, Gran Turismos, Final Fantasies (or ANY RPG for that matter), and Metal Gear Solids.

Captain Tuttle4739d ago

You said it better than I did.

Hayabusa 1174739d ago

That's what I thought.

"Never played one, and I never want to."

Until I played San Andreas. Then everything changed. (until I played Halo 2 online, then everything changed again.)

sovietsoldier4739d ago

im still waiting for n4g to start banning the fannboys who runn around like ass tards. they disagree with you cause they have nothing better to do. they will pull the same thing with me and only prove more that i am right , so i will have the last laugh.haha. haha. ha!

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gaffyh4739d ago

it'll be funny if the PS3 already has the content to begin with, coz the BD has more space, and 360 gets it as DLC, that would be hilarious

Vash_The_Stampede4739d ago

That makes more sense than anything I've heard about the new GTA yet!

gaffyh4739d ago

Actually wasn't it Rockstar who said that it is harder to develop GTA 4 the same as PS3 version because not all versions of the 360 have hard-drives, so it would be less likely that 360 has DLC than the PS3.

Honeal2g4739d ago

the way the DLC(360) was described implied the ps3 would be missing doubt its information that the ps3 already has

Delive4739d ago

the 360 gets DLC and the PS3 has it on BR, will it be a free DL on XBL? Seeing how MS loves to charge for everything, They make it seem SOOOO hard to give away free content for games (Gears maps)when the developer wants to give it away. Or Over charge (Pacman CE, Marvel: UA extras, horse armor).

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Fart_Bubbles4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I ever picked on Bloodmask, just enjoy your 360 my friend, stop worrying so much about what the other guy is doing.

awww isn't that special, I try to make nice and someone actually has the audacity to disagree with that. this place is