The Daily Mail Reports on "Brutal" Videogame "Call of Duty 2? Being 2009's Best Seller

Negative Gamer:

"I know, I know, and I do agree: it is far too easy to pick on Daily Mail writers like Ben Todd. They have a very specific demographic of uneducated, right wing morons to fear. To that degree, they do a mighty fine job. However, we feel it's our job to point and laugh, then be slightly depressed at the tripe they publish.

If I may quote Mr. Todd's fantastically fair article: "The brutal [Modern Warfare 2] lets players join in with terrorists rampaging through an airport as they murder unarmed civilians." Adding that "critics have been deeply concerned that the release trivialises acts of terrorism and will fall into the hands of youngsters despite the 18 certificate".

Critics of The Daily Mail have been deeply concerned that their unashamedly poor standards of journalism and clear attempts to strike fear into those most fragile and angry have made the paper itself create the same end result many terrorists strive for."

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