PS3 Releases for January 2010

Here's a list of PS3 games releasing in January 2010.

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sinncross4227d ago

Good start to the year for PS3 gamers, though the only exclusive, MAG, comes late January.

Things just go mad for the industry as a whole once Feb and March come around, so really it all going to come down to how the big 3 keep momentum going throughout the year.

-Alpha4226d ago

MAG is my biggest worry though. That game looks a little borderline average and I strongly doubt it will get 90's across the media.

I'm aiming anywhere inbetween 70-85 for MAG. I hope that I'm wrong, but with BFBC2 there to compete against I don't think MAG stands a chance.

Let's hope I'm wrong.

The rest of the PS3 lineup for 2010 looks solid and promising.

chidori6664226d ago

acording your words halo odst is average like mag, cuz odst is around 83 in meta..

-Alpha4226d ago

Well yeah, ODST is a minor pit stop to Reach anyway.

When I said average I meant 70-80, 85 is being generous because I have doubts for MAG.

We'll see how it turns out.

pippoppow4226d ago

That is a big jump from 64 and especially the standard of 32. Funny how people were going crazy over those ODST commercials because of the scale of combat depicted. Well, a scale like that takes more players online which is what this gamebrings closer to accomplishing. Sure not every game needs more than 32 players depending on the type of game it is but it cannot be denied that more players online if done well can bring epic war scenarios like the one from that Halo commercial.

As for reviews; Who really cares after all the bias and scores with 3 point swings of the same game from different pubs.

Just finished RAD (Robot Alchemic Drive) and thought it was great. The story, voice acting and dialogue overall was weak but everything else was so good. On metacritic it has a score of 79 with a user score of 92. I will say that it is at least a 8.5. As a kid I liked Shogun Warriors and Transor Z and the like. This game tugged on nostalgia for sure. Now if I saw 7.9 and believed so much in what reviewers thought I'd have dimissed this game. Buy what looks good to you and don't put so much into reviews.

SilentNegotiator4226d ago

Maybe I'll get DarkSiders and rent MAG to see if I like it.

Oh well, I have a back catalog of games to catch up with.

mal_tez924226d ago

I hate buttonmashers so I'll probably wait for Dark Void reviews and try the MAG beta.


If you just buy games that are rated 90 or above and think that anygame below 90 is average you may not consider yourself a gamer. That because you are losing playing some of the best games and they are not overrated. Some of those 90 really doesnt deserve to be and arent good games. A gamer can formulate his own opinion of a game based on what he/she played. One little example is inFAMOUS, 87% at meta but a 92% percent in my mind.


-Alpha4226d ago

I didn't say anything below 90 is average.

A score around 70 screams average. And no, I don't go by scores alone so that assumption is faulty: self-experience is the best way to get a subjective understanding but reviews tend to detail gameplay and mechanics which can indicate how a game is.

So, no, I'm not missing out on much because I get as much out of games as I can, and I don't judge games based solely on scores. That would be silly.

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Chubear4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

For me, MAG beta on the 5th and then the full thing on the 26th Gw. Hopefully I get to rent Darksiders during the summer drought period.

shadowfox4226d ago

Darksiders + Bayonetta for me. I played the MAG demo, and it might just be because I came in so late, but I sucked and got killed every 2 seconds, so I did not have a good time.

gaffyh4226d ago

Same here, it's too tactical for me, but I do know a lot of people who like SOCOM, so they should like MAG too.

Chubear4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Yeah, some get into MAG and immediately start to run off like they're playing CoD4 or something. They leave their squad far off in the distance and run about for kills like in MW types but eventually you understand - see those names in the light blue? yes that's you squad. Stick with them cause everyone else is with theirs. 1 Vs 8 or 1 Vs 64 is not a good idea.

btw, when you played the beta, which mode was up then? Domination?

gaffyh4226d ago

I can't even remember lol, but I'll definitely give the new beta a try just to give it another shot. I was in the very first beta, and there were way too many glitches e.g. I got stuck in a tank in one game.

Chubear4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Yeah, you should get on the beta coming up. Hell it's free but hey, not every game is for everybody but I can't see how a gamer can be into shooters and not enjoy MAG.

It doesn't seem like you understood what to do or asked for help with your team mates with the little time you spent on the beta cause you'd for sure know what mode you were playing.

Glad you found glitches in the beta and hope you reported it though. A lot of gamers this gen jump into betas and treat it like either a full game or a demo and forget it's supposed to be kinda like work.

"and especially the standard of 32" I'm assuming you're talking about standard for PS3 online games cause 16v16 is definitely not the standard on the 360, 8v8 is.

Personally I don't give a rat's butt what gaming sites give MAG. They can give it 6s&7s all day long but I know tonnes of gamers will be getting this game regardless.

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chidori6664226d ago

mag: haters got owned for this game in this month.

gtamike4226d ago

I didn't like the MAG beta im not going to lie.
Killzone 2 still the best fps in my book, looking forward to Killzone 3 this year.

CryWolf4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I can't wait to see KillZone 3 too cause KZ2 was the most graphical realistic game I played since Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, I'm hoping they show a Killzone 3 trailer at CES or GDC or even E3 2010 this year.

Arnon4226d ago

Killzone 2 JUST released in 2009. If you're hoping for a Killzone 3 in 2010, be prepared for a very basic game, much like Modern Warfare 2.

gtamike1234226d ago

Basic err no.
The game was complete in 2008 but put back for Resistance 2 and killzone 2 came out start of 2009. The game engine took years to make and the map packs came out fast.

They have the engine ready to build killzone 3 plus they are improving the engine even more and know more about the PS3.

The graphics are going to be even more real looking.

Arnon4225d ago

They had the engine built for modern warfare 2 as well, what's your point? You're saying that you DON'T want them to work on it for more than a year? That's asinine.

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Kamikaze1354226d ago

February and March look amazing for PS3 owners...

Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles
Star Ocean Last Hope: International
Last Rebellion
Yakuza 3
Gran Turismo 5 (supposedly)
God of War III
Bioshock 2
Final Fantasy XIII

I'm starting to save up now so I won't be totally broke by the end of March, lol.

Chubear4226d ago

I believe GT5 comes out in summer not in March.

Redempteur4226d ago

Well i'm ready ( i hope ) for february ...

soo much games so little time ... the average games will be forgotten..

so everyone better to their best to produce the best games of their category

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