This Is How Final Fantasy XIII Was Launched In Hong Kong

This December, Final Fantasy XIII didn't just go on sale in Japan, it also went on sale in Hong Kong, too. Pictures of the event are starting to make the internet rounds - ahoy!

Sony Hong Kong held the FFXIII launch event in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay, next to the Sogo department store. There were playable FFXIII demos and folks dressed as characters from the game - including HK popstar Adason Lo, who hosted the event and dressed as Snow. He sang a song, too!

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ally123454233d ago

Lol. seemed they were more interested in promoting that singer than FF XIII. '

Plus he doesn't even have anything to do with the game.....and neither does his song!

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Timesplitter144232d ago

It almost makes me wish the Backstreet Boys were hired to promote games here so that suddenly there would be girls everywhere

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The story is too old to be commented.