Gaming Nexus Review: Groovin' Blocks

Gaming Nexus writes: "I didn't like this game at first. To begin with, I'm not particularly huge on the music-infused games. They can be fun and all, but doesn't it get boring after a short while? Groovin' Blocks not only incited similar sentiment, but the elements of gameplay also felt hashed together.

The idea of Groovin' Blocks is a Tetris puzzle put together with the rhythmic notions of a game like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. So, you get extra points for placing each block of colors along with the beat of the music playing. There are different tracks and power-ups, both of which are unlocked by achieving high scores that get you stars. Jazzing up the Tetris portion of their game, the rules of Groovin' Blocks make it so lining up at least 3 sets of the same color, and thereby getting block destruction, will spread to blocks of similar colors that are nearby."

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