MMORPG: A Twilight MMO: Why the Hate? columnist Justin Webb takes some time to talk about the idea of a Twilight MMO and why he thinks it's not such a bad idea after all.

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Pandam0bile3672d ago

Why the Hate?

Why the hell do you think?

Parapraxis3672d ago

Agreed, it's a real head scratcher isn't it! lol.

toaster3672d ago

Twighlight tells teenage girls that it's perfectly OK to attempt suicide because you can't be with your boyfriend. :D

I saw the movie twice... both times against my will.

mrv3213672d ago

Oh brilliant... more angsty teenage girls who want a false sense of hope.


No GUY will ever, EVER like you for personality alone. And you know what those attractive guys, guess what they are jerks. And guess what, you'll end up a baby machine in a dead end job.

proximately3672d ago left your manliness at home. There are plenty of good looking guys with great personalities, and there are plenty of gaming girls with boyfriends that would like to enjoy an mmorpg like this (unless they're already stuck in another).

I really don't like the thought of an mmo like this though...

mrv3213671d ago

Fair enough, I guess I'm just angry at Twilight taking fame and glory when some of my favorite movies get a 'what's that'

ALSO VEGI VAMPIRES! What the hell. I used to be scared of vampires I really did, but seriously the history of vampires is something like this

An ancient King came back after slaying an army to find his wife killed he then turn against god. Now I'm sorry for you know not thinking sparkling vampires are possiply the stupidest thing after my post which after re-reading I realise it's more stress relief.

Twilight has ruined Vampires untill a new blade comes out with Bruce Willis as a sidekick

zagibu3666d ago

We are the children of Kain and Lilith, you ignorant. I wouldn't drink your blood even if it was the last drop in a desert.

sashimi3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Sparkly vampires should die! its FACT! seriously how gay is a sparkly vampire...

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The story is too old to be commented.