Clive Barker's Jericho Eyes-on with New Screens

An army of black flies swarm angrily around a pulsating pile of rotting flesh as ominous music plays in the background. Fear surrounds your every decision, and a not-so-pleasant-death can be at any turn. You're utterly and completely screwed.

And that's just the menu screen.

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Saint Sony4242d ago

This looks how a proper family game should look like ;)

AcidRhain4242d ago

looks demented and crazy. might be fun and should induce some weird nightmares. can't wait to play this.

tony4242d ago

this will be spooky.

MK_Red4242d ago

Im still mourning the canceled Demonik. Hope this one fills the shoes and is as good or even better than ill fated Demonik and weak selling Undying (Superb games...).

Douche4242d ago

Are these ingame screens? The fps view seems to point that out but it just seems unreal.

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