Small Talk: What's Hot On The Horizon

All the Christmas lights are out, the egg nog has been drunk, and all the used wrapping paper has been stuffed into the fireplace. The holidays are practically over, and that means yesterday's hot game is tomorrow's old news. The New Year is all about looking forward. What is 2010 going to mean for you? Here is what the GI crew is most excited for in the coming months.

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supremacy4225d ago

God of war 3 of course,Granturismo 5, the last guardian, yakuza 3, modnation racers, heavy rain, resistance 3, white knight chronicles, agent, and halo reach....

well? if killzone 3, infamous 2 and final fantasy versus 13 comes out this year than i would add those to my list as well. but...those arent coming this year.

im also looking forward to david jeffe's game. hopefully its a twisted metal and a ps3 syphon filter wouldn't hurt either.