Final Fantasy XI Sequel in Development

Japan's Nikkei Net news service reports today that Square Enix is currently at work on a sequel to Final Fantasy XI. The next generation massively multiplayer online RPG is being developed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows Vista formats. Further details are not provided.

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Marriot VP5790d ago

wasn't the PS3 supposed to have FF11 exclusive??

I don't follow fantasy RPG's so I wouldn't know.

360theAssasinsCreed5790d ago (Edited 5790d ago )

This is, from what i can tell a spin off of the FF XI world like the crystalis series but a good sign for MS if Square keeps giving them games. Now what i want square to do is give the 360 a FF game that is not a MMORPG for those that don't have internet, damn college loans, LOL but that would be nice either way this helps the 360 out in one of the weak spots of the xbox game lineup although after E3 it definitely seems that MS is trying their best to bring RPGs over to 360.

andy capps5790d ago

I don't like RPG's either, but I believe that FF XI was released exclusively to PS2, and then was just ported over to Xbox 360 two years later. I could care less about MMORPG's for the most part, but I'll believe that Square Enix is releasing simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PS3 when they announce it. Just seems a little weird that Square Enix would take their star franchise to a system that is not selling in Japan. I could see further down the line, but simultaneously, I don't know.

the_bebop5790d ago

It is actually posible that Square-enix could create a FF game for the MS since they have with the Nintendo, how ever I don't think that the main series would ever make it to the Xbox 360 anytime soon.

ACE5790d ago

what ever ......

roll on mass affect ... bio-shock .... and all the other western rpg's

specialguest5790d ago

who still plays FFXI anyway? i guess this is good news for 360 owners. at least this is better than nothing.

as for those western RPGs, it's nice to have something a lil different than the classic Japanese RPGs.

Bishop5790d ago

Is developing a different MMORPG for the PS3 that has yet to be named. This is just a sequel to previous multi console FFXI that is supposed to have better graphics and a new engine but how it will compare to the orginal is beyond me because I have not played FFXI on any console. All I know is roughly 8-10 million people still play the Final Fantasy titles but I imagine that at some point in time the Final Fantasy titles will have grow up a little to appeal to older gamers.

SDS Overfiend5790d ago

just a port thats it. They should make a official game just instead of a port.They want Xbox 360, PC gamers dollars but don't want to put work in. they should have just made this game for Xbox and allow it to be played on Xbox 360 since xbox has more users right now becasue this game does'nt use the 360's hardware at all.

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