Light Guncon 3 Gun For PS3

An article from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu shows a light gun for the ps3 with a few bonus screens ,surely taken from Namco's upcoming working title Time Crisis for next gen consoles.

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InMyOpinion5156d ago

working title, not 'tittle'.

rukusa5156d ago

This is awesome, great thing is that its also PS3 exclusive since Sony publishes both the Tekken & Time crisis series. And I love Time crisis ;).

It begins....

TheMART5156d ago

As far as I know, Time Crisis hasn't been said to be exclusive for the PS3. Also if I read above in the article:

"surely taken from Namco`s upcoming working title Time Crisis for next gen consoles."

Next gen consoles... that's more then one in my view.

I can see Tekken 6 also coming over to the 360, as VF5 did the same. Bet Tekken 6 would love big sales numbers also

rukusa5156d ago

Well sorry bro, but youre wrong. I dont know how it works but since Tekken Tag tournment, Sony has being publishing the game for Namco. Same with Time Crisis. You could take a look on a PS2 cover and see the SCEA/SCEE logo in the lower corner.

Therefore, no. Tekken & Time Crisis will not be seen on the xbox 360.

T_Tokyo20105156d ago

That gun looks great. Wonder if you'll be able to get two of them and used dual weapons in game. Just a thought.

nix5156d ago

... to scare away burglars who break-in to steal PS3... q:


Nah mate Tekken 6 is Ps3 exclusive and why is there no Guncon for the 360?

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The story is too old to be commented.