OXM UK: Gamertags We're (Still) Sick of Seeing

You might remember that OXM previously ran an article called Gamertags they're Sick of Seeing. Sadly, the situation hasn't improved much since then. If anything, it's actually worse. As the cool Live tags start to run out, there are ever more increasingly desperate variants to get the unique tag you love.

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MSpence5163672d ago

Come on, everyone can't be %100 original. Even I have "king" in my tag, I'm sure there are plenty so called "king's" on XBL.

Honky Kong3672d ago

if you have king in your tag your a loser, thats not just an opinion its a FaKt!

Xbox Avatars Shoe3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I still hate the ones with capital and lowercase letters mixed up like:

ThE jUGgErNAuT 420

FreeWillow153672d ago

Well at least on xbox you can put spaces in your name.

PS3 FanBaby3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I agree with THE BEST MAGAZINE EVER! OXM is 100% about almost everything, including Xbox 360's superiority.

3672d ago
MicroCost3672d ago

On XBOX LIVE We Want Our Members To Have Complete Freedom When Choosing To Have Their Own Original Name That Expresses Them.
Only On XBOX

thorstein3672d ago

420. lulz. I get high at 420. I am 1337 p0th34D. Durrr....

People who really smoke marijuana don't advertise it on their gamertag.

RockmanII73672d ago

Did you steal that from Digitalph33r?

MSpence5163672d ago

Ok, there is a difference between me and the other "king's" on XBL. My tag has had king in it since day one, I didn't change my tag because I thought "king" would be cool.

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militant073672d ago

true,Im mostly sicks of no. 2, i dont see how OO or XX will make your gamerstag looks any better

Rocket Sauce3672d ago

Best articles ever! I want to kill when I see "xXx blahblah xXx"

I love ridiculous names, though. The best one I ever saw was someone named "BurningHerpes" playing Uncharted 2.

LoLZoRz3672d ago

this article made me laugh lololololol

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The story is too old to be commented.