Trauma Team characters detailed by Atlus, a real doctor

Atlus has introduced the full compliment of the six staffers that make up its upcoming Trauma Team.

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zootang4227d ago

I wonder if one day this could make its way over to the Playstation 3 and it's motion controls. I'm sure the added precision would help a great deal

Hisiru4227d ago

All I need is Trauma Center 3 for the DS.

FantasyStar4227d ago

LOL Penis Bone.....

Anyways, I just hope that Atlus does the Medical field justice. Don't mislead would-be doctors with stupid things like some omnipotent Disinfectant, leave the Omni-gel stuff to Sci-Fi games like Mass Effect.

Edutainment is cool, but don't go too far like MW2 or GH5 where people can't tell the difference between a game and the real stuff.

asdr3wsfas4227d ago

If being a doctor was fun we'd have a lot more of them ;) Ace attorney is nothing like being a lawyer but I still love the game.

Redempteur4227d ago

seems like a good cast to me ...

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