Cocky Modern Warfare 2 Killer Strikes

CC: Remember the famous (among the gaming community) arrogant World at War kill from last year? Well, someone has had the same idea with Modern Warfare 2, and treated us to an extremely cocky kill, on Derail.

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ruleroftekken4222d ago

One in a million! Loved the World at War 'arrogant' kill, and love this one!

Sunny_D4222d ago

LOL, the dude took so long to turn around. Maybe the message took some time to travel?

mjolliffe4222d ago

Yeah probably, I love how all these fake PSN chainmail messages claim to be being tested by Sony, but they don't.

Killjoy30004222d ago

I have done this 4 different times in 3 different games. It's hilarious especially when they have a mic I did it in Killzone 2 twice since there was proximity chat and once in Socom Confrontation for the same reason. The last time was in the original Modern Warfare and I texted the guy just like this video.

qwerty-14222d ago

The messages on Xbox live travel as soon as you hit send. Just he didn't want to open it (after all he is playing online).

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_insane_gamer_4222d ago

I tried it once, but it didn't pull off. Got slashed myself :P

Max Power4222d ago

that may have happened to him, but he only posted the one that worked.

TheDudeAbides4222d ago

On PSN write a message "Behind You" to yourself, then while ingame quickly forward it to your victim, it's faster.

mjolliffe4222d ago

Would hate it if it happened to me, then spread over YouTube. Pretty embarrasing...

ruleroftekken4222d ago

Yeah :P But it's just a bit of a laugh for most :) You only see bloody teabaggin' in Halo 3 which is just lame. This is the new teabagging!

Jrome4222d ago

LMFAO @3.2, the music completes it

Valay4222d ago

Glad that didn't happen to me.

RememberThe3574222d ago

That's what he gets for camping!

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The story is too old to be commented.