Another update regarding Mistwalker's new game

Hironobu Sakaguchi has a new update about the company's new game and believes that fans will love it. Also, a seperate title for the iPhone has been confirmed.

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Valay4224d ago

Well, that's strange. I'm a little surprised they have a game in development for iPhone, as it came out of nowhere really. I'm not sure how interested I'll be in that title.

Sexius Maximus4224d ago

Lost Odyssey has been the best JRPG I've played since Final Fantasy 6. Whatever Mistwalker makes will be amazing.

Saaking4224d ago

I'm currently on Disc 3 of Lost Odyssey and I've gotta say, it's an amazing game. Definitely one of the most underrated games this gen. If you have a 360 and like RPGs, definitely check it out. I think I'm gonna get Blue Dragon after finishing LO and, needless to say, I'm looking forward to their next project.

DevastationEve4224d ago

Saaking, you NEED to play Blue Dragon. If you really want to feel that old Sakuguchi magic then you'll find it there.

Blue Dragon has the best graphics in a jrpg I've seen so far, it's very smooth and very well animated.

militant074224d ago

i just completed blue dragon 1000/1000 few seconds ago, and i can say LOST ODYSSEY is far better than blue dragon, I hated blue drgon story :S, but diffently worth buying.

btw I completed the second playthough in 7hrs :), i guss that was pretty fast

Chris3994224d ago

Lost Odyssey's visuals are better than Blue Dragon by a wide margin. And even installed on the HD, Blue Dragon suffers from massive screen tearing and slow-down. It was a fun game with plenty to do, but the story-line was very simplistic and trite. Still, you can pick up the game for like $5 nowadays, so if you're a JRPG fan, it's a solid purchase for 100+ hours of game-play.

Just leave the Japanese language track on. And prepare to grit your teeth every time Maru-maru or whatever it's name is, opens his mouth.

mastiffchild4224d ago

To me LO had some incredible ideas and a great story but I still didn't enjoy it like I'd imagined after having a lot of mates reccommend it to me. I guess I felt a lot of the ideas weren't fully fleshed out and I thought the combat could have been a lot more interesting. A good game but not a great one for me-though as ever with a jrpg your taste is EVERYTHING from the story to character design to the combat system and as you see every time a numbered FF is released it's impossible to please even half of jrpg fans half the time!

Whatever, I thought BD was just a little too old school for me and didn't like the character designs being so toddler inspired! I respect MW, though, and am always willing to gibve their games a shot and the next one could well be the one I find amazing as they always have games with fantastic ideas even if they don't always go where I personally would like with them. But what do I know? I'm about the only person I know who preferred IU best of the exclusive 360 jrpgs!

gaffyh4223d ago

Lost Odyssey is amazing, so hopefully it is a sequel to that. Didn't like Blue Dragon personally.

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Xi4224d ago

I really like the concept art from cry on, and I'm disappointed that's not his new title.

so much potential.

GUNS N SWORDS4224d ago

"2010 is the year of my long-awaited new blockbuster project."

"blockbuster project" that confirms it. it's gonna be big.

combining that new art director along with Uematsu and Hironobu, it's destined to have the words "classic" written all over it. i can't wait.

i hope they start letting lose some shots or a big 6 minuet trailer in the coming months.

Aleusia4224d ago

Seriously...360 fanbase = fraghead shooter fanboys

Why do they continue this? Mistwalker, give up and try another platform.

Aleusia4223d ago

Tell me how I am wrong.

StarCSR4223d ago

Just stop it with those idiotic clichés...
On you can check out what your ranking is for a game you own. And if you look at that you can see that Lost Odyssey has had as much Live players as Arkham Asylum and Tomb Raider : Legend have had...

Aleusia4222d ago

Japan as a whole has pretty much given up on the 360, why Mistwalker still exists is a mystery to me.

Sakaguchi needs to get his ass back to Square Enix and help them out instead of try to break away and do something different, because it's not working. The games are too limited on the 360 (see SO4, ToV, FFXIII), the 360 owners aren't buying the games (that's a given, they don't like japanese games and it's been proven who the fanbase of the 360 really is with games like Gears and Halo as their flagship titles)

Are you really going to try and debate this and make 360 fans look like something they really aren't? I don't think 360 fans are refined and open minded enough for jrpgs, they don't get it and they never will. Jrpgs have thrived within the nintendo fanbase, the sega fanbase (at one time ) and sony...the nintendo fanbase and Sony fanbased never changed, we're the same people we always were.

Xbox owners came from PC gaming, can you name one single jrpg exclusive to the pc that is of the calibur of FF7 or Xenogears? You can't, they are fragheads..they always have been and always will be. The fact that you are denying this and trying to make it seem like it's not the case is more reason for you to wake up and buy a PS3 or a Wii, because you obviously care about jrpgs.

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morkendo4224d ago

mystic hero would been cool too!!

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