Mysterious Countdown at the Official PlatinumGames website

PLATINUMGAMES.Inc has updated its official website with a countdown for 6 days.
Some presume that it is for the unannounced Shinji Mikami title in the works.

hit the jump to see check the interactive countdown.

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DasBunker4224d ago

probably theyre gonna announce they finally fixed the ps3 version of bayonetta..

nah who am i kidding..

SilverSlug4224d ago

The Shinji Mikami (horror) game that has not been shown.

Rikitatsu4223d ago

The horror game is the one he is producing under EA with Suda 51.
No one knows what genre his game under PlatinumGames is.

Seedhouse4223d ago

Isn't it just a countdown to the release of Bayonetta...?

Rikitatsu4223d ago

And bayonetta was released in Japan few months ago.
The countdown is probably aiming for the next Famitsu issue.

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