GamesRadar: The decade's most memorable moments in gaming

GamesRadar: "A lot can happen in 10 years. And it has. As part of this week's post-mortem of the last decade in gaming, we now present for you some of the weirdest, depressing, arousing, significant, entertaining and amusing events, happenings and milestones that have occurred in the wonderful world of games during the soon-to-be-expired Noughties.

From the tragic passing of the Dreamcast, to the glorious day when excessive viewing of Wii Fit Girl's gyrating rumpus on YouTube made us dizzy. These are the moments that we remember without too much hard-thinking and talk fondly about after a session of hard drinking.

So before we all collapse with inebriated exhaustion into the open arms of 2010, allow us to refresh your memory with all the stuff worth remembering from the last 3650 days."

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-Alpha4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Pretty funny too.

It's pretty astonishing how quick 10 years goes by.

And I have to say, it's been a great decade of gaming. I think the rise of online gaming is by far the most significant and will be remembered years in the future (though likely it will be laughed at as archaic and limited)

MicroCost4225d ago


I Suppose This Was Sony's Genius Strategy To Get People To Buy Their System.

rockleex4225d ago

I hope the bottom of an Avatar's shoe makes it too. ^_^

FarEastOrient4224d ago

My most memorable moments of the past decade are also the most 'shocking.'

The PS3 Price Announcement
Final Fantasy XIII also for Xbox 360 (the internet blew-up ^_^ )

Also standing in line for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 in the cold.

Whoooop4225d ago


That Sony presentation sure was shameful... I mean how more awkward could Genji's presentation have been.

I admire their confidence though... Thanks to it we are now enjoying the most amazing console exclusives ever.

I'm not even sure if they had a clue about how good their games would at least look by now, but they sure must feel good now after all that mambo jambo of glorified specs at launch.

games4fun4225d ago

when genji released it was a buetiful game compared to the competition. the only critizism that was valid was its fixed camera system.

also i think they had a clue. the ffvii tech demo is probably what gave them big heads tho.

by the way that tech demo should be on the list. To this day i believe if they had announced ffvii remake at launch a large ammount of people would have not cared if it cost 700 at launch.

silkrevolver4225d ago

... Geoff didn't stand a chance. It didn't matter that he was the only one who knew what he was talking about, Fox had the power to cut him off then disregard what he said as a pack.

Umbrella Corp4224d ago

Very good read.These last ten years have been WOW.The lifespan of the PS2 was epic,i still remember that christmas...I got a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts,It made me the gamer I am today.Since then I brought as many old school consoles as possible,and damn the dreamcast was ahead of its time.

4224d ago
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