1UP: The Best Industry Quotes of 2009

1UP writes:

"Words matter. And in a world where the Internet makes sure that anything you write or say will never, ever disappear (so long as no one detonates a weapon to wipe out all technology like that totally rad scene at the end of Escape from L.A.), they matter more than ever -- which is something we're not quite sure the video games industry has fully appreciated yet. And with any luck they never will, because the world would be a lot more mundane without deliciously insane quips like these flowing through the digital ether.

So in accordance with the custom at this time of year, we've put together a list of our favorite industry quotes of 2009. From hilarious to delusional, poignant to revelatory, there were nearly enough "say whaaa?" moments this year to fill two of these features."

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-Alpha4233d ago

They forgot that. Oh and "riiiiidge racer"!