The ten most influential women in games over the last 10 years

This is the time of the year where most sites are doing their top ten lists about different subjects. Personally, I hate top ten lists. If I'm going to do one, then it's going to be about something I'm passionate about. Therefore, we have two top ten list articles on Here we are looking at the ten women that influenced the gaming industry in a big way over the last ten years.

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wondroushippo4223d ago

It's great to see some attention paid to women in the game industry - someday hopefully the gender imbalance or at least the illusion of it will dissipate.

robinyang4223d ago

Glad to see the list included the women who've been making real differences in the industry instead of just strutting around in bikinis and smiling for cameras. :)

Double Toasted4223d ago

pause...should I read the article?

Sitdown4223d ago

cause the title is worded awkwardly for what it is trying to achieve....the title make it sound like female gaming characters as opposed to game developers/producers.

Enate4223d ago

Well that's all well an good an um.. whoohoo I guess but to be honest the only person on that list who has done anything for me is Amy Hennig an her team. As for the rest good job at whatever they do but I've just never been one to single out females for doing the same thing guys do to. Now if they do something praise worthy I won't be pointing out the fact that their a girl it will just be them period. We constantly talk about getting rid of the line but when we recognize females separately all it does is keep the line there if you ask me. The same goes for female only this an female only that.

Double Toasted4223d ago

...? If so...I eat chocha...

Enate4223d ago

lol nope but the issue comes up quite a bit I've become pretty good at discussing the topic :)

This video had a lot to do with it, some of the girls in this video contradict themselves a lot but the girl in the yellow makes quite a few good points. Kinda how its like don't treat me like a girl treat me like a gamer but their whole presence is based on the fact that they are a girl.

gamingangel4223d ago

Hi! I agree with you if all things were equal. Unfortunately we still have a way to go. But I agree and hope that one day in the future that we won't need separate lists. But in the meantime, I love highlighting women that are working hard and making a mark in the gaming industry.

Thank you for your feedback though!

bdog81214223d ago

bubbles to you enate
very well thought out totally agree with you

Pozzle4223d ago

I think we're a long way from gender equality in the gaming community/industry. It's still a pretty male dominated hobby. At least, the more 'hardcore' side is. The abundance of "hottest girls in gaming" and "sexiest cosplay chicks" articles shows that.

In the meantime, articles like this aren't too bad. Better to recognise women who contribute to the industry, instead of oggling the gaming women with the biggest tits and asses.

I recently saw an article on Amy Hennig's contribution to Naughty Dog and, sadly, half of the comments to the aticle were about her appearance. According to those commentors, she wasn't "hot" enough for the game industry. Some even said that the author should have edited her photo to make her hotter, or simply posted up a picture of somebody else! I mean, what the hell?! Without Hennig, we wouldn't have alot of great game series. But all some gamers cared about if whether or not she was fap-worthy.

Yep, the game community has a long way to go till we get full equality.

Enate4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

I wasn't saying that in general it was a bad article I understand the reason for it. I was just pointing out the issue of the line that constantly gets drawn when female specific articles. Which typically are mainly only written based on the focus of them being female an their accomplishment of which many before them have done but were not recognized as such due to the fact that they were not female. Basically saying that their accomplishments are note worthy more so because they are female. Obviously not the point of the article but I'm just saying over time an if you've seen enough of the articles most of them are written in that focus.

If you do watch the video I posted above you will see one particular women points out that there needs to be a female elevated to the status of someone of a Hedeo Kojima. Someone for girls to look up to, now I have no issue if a female comes up in the industry an deserves that but she says it as if it is a necessity to the point as if she believes it is a requirement that the gaming industry is obliged to provide. The girl from PMS an the other women I was referring to int he black jacket both keep talking about this huge need for females in the industry yet the can't seem to state the exact reason why. Outside of constantly referring to games crated outside of the United States.

At the end of the day though it is what it is an as of now its 2010 an I'm about to get my game on. I just felt the need to elaborate a bit more as I didn't want you to get the wrong idea or anything.

Happy New Year

Oh an to Pozzle its not just the gaming community that's the state of the human race that has to change.

BTW NOTE I said and her team because accomplishments I speak of are not a solo effort.

madjedi4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

@4.5 right and women never treat men, like sex objects in video games or movies, don't single out men when women will turn around and do the exact samething with their hobbies, so lets not be a hypocrite.

And stop saying men should treat women fully equal, it is not going to happen, now if you say treated with equal respect, payed equally fine, but give up the broad equality term. True equality will never happen it is a different gender, men are probably never going to treat women exactly as they would another man, and vice versa.

So in regard to the hottest girls of gaming or sexiest cosplay chicks ect, so people are sexist now if they would rather look at attractive people than ugly ones.

And regardless of amy hennig looks, she did damn good writing for uc 1 and 2, and i heard she also did the legacy of kain series.

anyone else think jade raymond wouldn't be on the list, if ubisoft didn't have her on display with assassin's creed 1

ally123454223d ago

Congratulations madjedi. All you have done is prove Pozzle's point. It is hardly hypocritical to point out that gaming is a male dominated hobby because it is. You would have to be blind not to see that. Hell, there are games that revolve solely around women's sex appeal and (depending how you look at it) objectifying women. Bayonetta, anyone? It happens in Hollywood too and the music industry. Men might be objectified by women but certainly not the the extent that women are objectified by men. Women in media need to be sexy and appealling for the male audience. If they aren't, then people complain or bag them out.

I also find it sickening that you would even dare say 'stop saying men should treat women fully equal' because 'men are probably never going to treat women exactly as they would another man'. Its ignorant statements that got women crying for equal rights in the first place!

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