Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Soundtrack Announced

kombo writes:

"Konami's Japanese store Konamistyle has listed the soundtrack for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker which will release right before the game itself. Buyers have the option of also getting a single on an extra disc."

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luiti13670d ago

i cant wait to hear the full Heavens Divide version!

Rowsdower3670d ago

cool though

I got my nerd addictions

mst3k ftw

Eamon3670d ago

Harry Gregson-Williams and Martin O'Donnel

Best game music composers EVER.

Batzi3670d ago

Harry Gregson-Williams is amazing but he ain't scoring Peace Walker.

theunknown3669d ago

...he's primary a movie composer.

CapBash_fonRosenberg3669d ago

Its oficially confirmed, MGS:Peace Walker will be the best psp game ever.
No psp game have reached this level of greatness before, the graphics are the best ever for an handled console, thats for sure and you guys cant denie it, the story everyone knows its the best in the industry of video games, sowhat you guys want more?