2009 Lens of Truth Awards

Lens of Truth writes, "As 2009 comes to a close, the Lens of Truth stops and takes a look back at the games that got us through the year. Those of you who've been there from the beginning can vouch for our growth. Some things we did well, sometimes our voice cracked from "website puberty", but rest assured, we came out with more hair on our chest."

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junk-3d4230d ago

Nice award show feel to the video! I especially liked the nominees for worst screen tearing...haha. Keep up the good work and happy 2010!

Microsoft HQ4230d ago

that made me LOL

good awards

evildeli4229d ago

Looking forward to this year's comparisons. There's some good ones coming up soon.

Baron794230d ago

These awards are awesome, nice job LoT.

CryWolf4230d ago

WOW good Awards LOL! the Lens of Truth are seeing that PS3 games have a little more polish.

junk-3d4229d ago

Especially when it came to game of the year. I mean, seriously, there is nothing that could touch Uncharted 2.

evildeli4229d ago

Maybe it deserved Game of the Year, but Mario should have beaten Uncharted in the Evolution category. I mean come on, Uncharted is only 2 games on the same platform. Mario has at least one game per Nintendo console!

saraphina0174229d ago

LoT has always given that the exclusive PS3 games are super-pollished, but the cross-platforms often do NOT favor the PS3.

CrippleH4229d ago

Evolution is pretty much graphics evolution and since Lens of Truth are very techie of course Uncharted 2 will win it.

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saraphina0174229d ago

"B*&^h took my Skull." I have no idea why anyone would ever say that, but that makes it even better.

Redempteur4229d ago

should i say that it's the only good thing in the entire game ?

LeonSKennedy4Life4229d ago

Great article.

Ghostbusters though?

I have the PS3 and 360 versions in my house.

I've noticed no difference at all.

mrmikew20184229d ago

there was patch that came out to bump the PS3 version resolution up, I didn't even know they could do that

CernaML4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Yeah, it's called optimizing. Something that some devs just don't know how to do.

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