GT GotY Awards 2009 Best PC Game

Which title best kept you glued to your PC this year? GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2009 sets the record straight!

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Pandam0bile4224d ago

MW2 is the PC GOTY? Are you on crack, GameTrailers? You gave the GOTY award to one of the most bastardized console port in recent years over an incredible game like Dragon Age Origins?!

What. The. Christ.

LtSkittles4224d ago

They also picked it for the consoles so, I guess they didn't get a cash bag /s.

pxpxp4224d ago

Even though im not a big PC gamer i enjoyed playing Dragon Age Origins on my brothers PC, it was sooo much better than the crap-fest that MW2 was... GT is just going by sales figures and not true quality.

HammockGames4224d ago

...after the fiasco about dedicated servers, removal of mods, basically killing off the PC CoD gaming community as we know it.

If they don't, then that's a double WTF.

Ya' know, I actually feel dumber after hearing this from GT. Wow.

=> walks away shaking head

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Saaking4224d ago

PC gamers HATE MW2 yet it wins? How the hell is that possible? The money bags must have been really full. PS3, PC, and Overall GOTY? I don't think so.

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Perjoss4224d ago

Not everyone's cup of tea, but I thought Sims3 was pretty good, and with Empire TW and Dawn of War 2 we dont need MW2 as PC GOTY. Worth a mention also is Machinarium reminding us we dont need an uber PC from the future to have FUN.

I would have even put Resident Evil 5 way ahead of MW2 myself.

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Major_Tom4224d ago

Gametrailers is retarded.

iistuii4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Game of the year. You may not like it but hundreds of thousands of people do. Sorry you don't like it but we all do and looking at the amount of people fraggin away at this moment in time, you happen to be a sad minority. Sorry about that, i'm off for another fix..........

Just like Counter-strike before it, MW is the peoples champion. I'm not making these facts up, it happens to be what everyones playing...Please get over it, your all sad......

Pandam0bile4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

A PC GOTY, Modern Warfare 2 is not. A PS3 GOTY, Modern Warfare is not. A 360 GOTY, Modern Warfare 2 could be.

To give the PC GOTY award to a bastardized console port of a mediocre game over a game that was built from the ground up specifically for PC, which is also one of the best RPG's in the last couple years like Bioware's Dragon Age Origins is just wrong.

N4Garbage4224d ago

You need to tell that to the Ps3 gamers who embraced MW2 over every other game times 2 (literally) you think deserves it in a little over a months time.

Just because they are not you and lead a simple gaming life of not going by every review and detail on the web doesn't mean it's the best game NOR does it mean it isn't.

evrfighter4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

mw2 the people's champ? Go into Infinity Ward's forums and tell the pc sub-forum that or even steam's cod forum. Your a$$ will be sore for weeks.

It can't even beat cod4 or cod2 on xfire's list of games played.

There was a deal involved in here somewhere. Not necessarily a money deal but something shady as hell went down.

F*ck Gametrailers. Still a proud supporter of the pc mw2 boycott. MW2 on my steam list you will not find.

Ninjamonkey824224d ago

Wasted minutes my life watching there videos i want them back.

Saryk4224d ago

What a crock of S%^T! But oh well, I am still not buying it.

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