GT GotY Awards 2009: Best Xbox 360 Game

Which Xbox 360 game had the most players skipping out of work and school on release day? GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2009 picks best Xbox 360 title.

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pxpxp4234d ago

another MW2 win... i had more fun with L4D2 and Assassins Creed 2

WildArmed4234d ago

Definitely had more fun with AssCreed 2 (and alot more in Batman) then Mw2(got Mw2 recently).

Havn't had a chance to pick up L4D2 mainly because the first one statisfies my zombie cravings. So No need to upgrade just yet

fafoon4234d ago

Although MW2 dont come close to being the Best PS3 Game as voted by the Inbred Numpty's at GT
It is for sure the Best Xbox 360 Game
Just goes to show how bad of a year its been for The Bots