GT GotY Awards 2009: Best PS3 Game

Which title on PlayStation 3 had us gripping our Dualshocks to no end? GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2009 honors the number one title on PS3!

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Salvadore4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Killzone 2? Uncharted 2 or maybe Fl0wer? No, those mofo's chose MW 2. Seriously I don't understand how they complain about there not being good games, when they choose MW2 over titles such as KZ2, Demon Souls and etc.

gaffyh4226d ago

As I said several times before, GT are MAJOR Modern Warfare fanboys. I disagree with this choice, it's easily Uncharted 2 imo. How can it win Best Story and Best Graphics and not win Best PS3 Game? Doesn't that just show that GT are giving more credit to multiplayer, than the overall game.

Lucreto4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I was like WTH.

It won the best PS3, 360, PC and Game of the Year.

Myst4226d ago

Heh after watching this I had a bad feeling about what the comment section was going to look like.

I'll have to test MW2 myself to see if GT is right, but personally I've found U2's multiplayer much more addictive than any other multiplayer thus far, and this is including Killzone 2. The game play was also nice, and this is coming from someone who just got it what like a week or two ago?

Anyway heading for the bunker

*Runs for the hills with all stuff packed because only a war will ensue from something like this*

LtSkittles4226d ago

It's not really surprising. They picked all multi-plat games, except for Uncharted 2. Both were good, but Uncharted 2 was amazingly good, and the story was awesome, and I look forward to what Naughty Dog has in-store for UC3.

pxpxp4226d ago

you just had to appeal to the masses huh? rather than picking a true GOTY UC2 or Demon's Souls...

Bungie4226d ago

good choice GT

MW 2 is a beast

PSN got crazy with it

LtSkittles4226d ago

@Bungie you are not fooling anyone.

BattleAxe4226d ago

The fact that Killzone2 wasn't in there is rediculous. Street Fighter??? Really??? sad, really sad.....

Saaking4226d ago

GT is so full of fail. MW2? LMAO, UC2 is a hundred times better. There's no doubt about it, GT is full of bias.

Kevin ButIer4226d ago

Well, at least they argued that PSN is good and free...

Greywulf4226d ago

They are like GamesRadar now. Just going down with the titanic. You have to give them credit for the temerity it takes to give such an overhyped half cokked game game GOTY compared to everything else offered. in an entire year.

Thats balls.

colonel1794226d ago

GameTrailers GOTY Awards 2009:

PS3 Game of the Year: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
360 Game of the Year: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Multiplatform Game of the Year: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Game of the Year: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

theEnemy4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Kotick: Hey here's a blank check. Go make MW2 GotY and best game on all platform so we can release the Game of the Year edition 6 months after MW2's release.

GT Editor: OMG SRSLY ? OK SIR! (Nice, gonna buy that new car tomorrow! yay!)

sunil4226d ago

this was expected... they would never give Uncharted 2 game of the year... didnt you watch their review and how they defended their score...

they are class "A" @#[email protected]!%*

APOFISBORICUA4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

these people at GT are being disrespectfull to all of us gamers and PS3 supporters. Let me explain. In the best PS3 year of exclusives game when every site is praising its games, not only Uncharted2, they dare to give the award to MW2?? Dont get me wrong it is a great game, i have it and have enjoyed the hell out of it but its also no difference from this and COD4. Even Killzone 2 is a lot better. Yeah KZ2 didnt won the popularity it deserved mainly thanks to the bashing of 360 fanatics and unfortunately it didnt sell among PS3 gamers but it was a better GOTY choice at least as a PS3 exclusive. We know the overall GOTY was Uncharted 2. There is no better game than that but the guys at GT keeps being disrespectfull to this industry. Damn all of u who gave hits to this stupid farce of an informative videogaming site that is GT. PS3 fans...what the hell is wrong with u? U bougth MW2 like crazy guys but left exclusives like Uncharted 2, KZ2, DS and others in the rack waiting for the price to drop? We are as guilty as these guys at GT for not supporting our exclusives. I at least had Uncharted 2, KZ2 and all of the years exclusives in priority over ANY multiplatform.

Anyway bad choice GT. It only showed that the supposed real fanboys in this site (PS3 fans) are rigth about your site. Bias and Hypocritical.

Forgive my writing!

and HAPPY NEW GAMING YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dutch Boogie4226d ago

man what a retarded site GT is. They look like a bunch of nerds who got beaten alot at school lol. Uncharted 2 destroys all games that where released this year and probs some in 2010. In a situation like this there's nothing more to say but EPIC FAIL!!! to the utmost meaning.

sinncross4226d ago

Clearly GT did not want to seem bias towards the PS3 considering the awards PS3 games have been receiving... sad really cause the PS3 deserves it this year.

sikbeta4226d ago

This is a WASTE of time guys, how anyone of us take this site serious when they gave the GOTY and best "console" Game awards , this is so wrong

Why give the Best PS3 award to MW2 on the PS3, when you know UC2, KZ2, Demon Soul, 3 Exclusives games are better and if we add Multiplats Batman AA and Assassin Creed 2 are better than MW2

And for PC too, WHAT! with the [email protected], laggy a glitchy port, this is just unbelievable

badz1494225d ago

Best "SELLING" PS3 game! that will make it right again!

zeeshan4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Hahahahahaha MW2? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha


HahahahahahahahahahahahaHahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok now then I am almost done laughing because of that very nice joke, I have got something to say to GT people, if they are reading this.


ikkeweer4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Let's show them the black and white footage of the movie.

Even though I don't agree with their choice, nor overall-list for that, I could have accepted that, but showing footage from the "wrong" console is just plain STUPID.

I hope it was an editor who disagreed with their list and thought "f*ck em, I'll make sure they get some disagrees"

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rucky4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I love the subliminal message GT is trying to pull by posting 360 version of the game on a PS3 GOTY award. Hurray for incompetence!

Redempteur4226d ago

lol i can already say that the escuse will be that they mixed the tapes ..

-Alpha4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I really don't think MW2 is a bad game, but it's definitely not the best PS3 game, nor is it GOTY.

The sad thing is that I gave GT the benefit of the doubt.

Ugh, well, it's their opinion and I can care less for it.

They gave GOTY to MW2 and their garbage reason was because UC2 collected dust while they kept playing MULTIPLAYER in MW2. Let me say that I too have played MW2 multiplayer more and UC2 HAS been absent from my PS3 for a while but that does NOT validate GOTY!

They judged GOTY on the fact that MW2 MP was addictive yet they claimed in the beginning of the video that they had standards for nominees to break the mould.

What BS.

They even used 360 footage for MW2 when declaring it PS3 GOTY. Lol.

MW2 is surely the most popular game on the PS3 this year, 300,000 players daily, but it's by no means the best of the best IMO.

Oh well, GT is bound to get hits from this, but I doubt they'll ever live down their rep.

Also, is it just me or were they trying really hard to justify their award? It's as if they know they are going to get flamed to hell (their videos for GOTY and PS3 GOTY have 2.5 and 3.5 ratings). I DON'T mind that they picked MW2 all that much, but they have not justified their reasoning. They are trying way too hard to make MW2 look worthy but it just doesn't feel right.

badz1494225d ago

being very clear about it when awarding the best graphic award! and using 360 footage to announce PS3 best games? GT is so full of FAIL!

Obama4226d ago

Funny how UC 2 won awards from GT left and right, only to failed to win GOTY. Apparently the majority of ppl don't agree with the GOTY choice; just look at the video rating lmao.

iistuii4226d ago

Great choice. MW2 is the peoples MP choice. You may not agree, but the amount of people playing it can't be ignored. It's treble the amount playing any other game at least.Sorry, it's a FACT.

Redempteur4226d ago

Great choice. NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WII is the peoples MP choice. You may not agree, but the amount of people playing it can't be ignored ... (look at the sales ) It's treble the amount playing any other game at least in the living room ..for children or adults .Sorry, it's a FACT.


BLuKhaos4226d ago

"Great choice. MW2 is the peoples MP choice. You may not agree, but the amount of people playing it can't be ignored. It's treble the amount playing any other game at least.Sorry, it's a FACT."
So?Millions men love getting fusked in the @ss, does that mean that you are going to bend over and start backing it up on dudes?