GT GotY Awards 2009: Game of the Year

Find out which game achieves GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards 2009's Game of the Year title!

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gaffyh4225d ago

Definitely saw this one coming, not saying I agree with it, but it was extremely obvious seeing as how the always have Infinity Ward on Bonus Round.

Megaton4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Wasn't just included in Bonus Round all the time, they gave the damn game it's own 4-part episode. Rode that game's jock hard all year. Wore that thing out.

I don't know anyone who takes their shoddy little turds of journalism seriously. Everyone I know who uses that site only does so for the trailers or marketplace.

pxpxp4224d ago

like i said before they just want to appease the masses and go with the game that most people own just to look good... in the end true gamers know what the real GOTY is

Bungie4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )


MW 2 deserves it just for the Multiplayer alone

*activate energy shield*

Saaking4224d ago

lmao, of course GT wouldn't give to UC2. Lame. GT= fail.

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iambenk4224d ago

Among Thieves "gathering dust"? Really? Uncharted 2 has a great multiplayer component.

@ Bungie

That's the problem with Modern Warfare 2. I enjoy playing it, but a game of the year should be more than just a great multiplayer experience. The campaign has good moments and spec-ops is great but overall, I don't see it "Breaking the Mold" or showing us something that hasn't been done before.

theEnemy4224d ago

is a great game. Especially online. I've already put over 100 hours on this game, it's like sex. Very addictive. Going to 3rd prestige now..

But nowhere a Game of the Year winner.

Kevin ButIer4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )


*lols at Bungie's energy shield*

Carl14124224d ago

Which mould did MW2 break exactly? It's the same as every other FPS

tordavis4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

"1.2 - yup.
like i said before they just want to appease the masses and go with the game that most people own just to look good... in the end true gamers know what the real GOTY is"

The real GOTY is whatever game True Gamers choose. So yeah, you're partially right.

While I don't agree with their GOTY, GT gave a justifiable reason for their choice.

Digitaldude4224d ago

Lol we know who bases it on popularity. His argument was that he played more MW than U2. What a crappy argument, probably cause he was like everyone else and liked an easy online mode doesnt make it a better game.
How very sad.

Sarcasm4224d ago

It also won GOTY for PC, PS3, and 360. It's quite obvious GT is sucking the ballsack of Infinity Ward.

N4Garbage4224d ago Show
ico924224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

suprise suprise, all gt ever talk about is COD and infinityward

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frostypants4224d ago

MW2 is hella-fun. But it's still nothing more than a fantastic expansion pack for MW1.

As for best game of the year, it's not even in the top 3. UC2, Batman: AA, and Demon's Souls were all far more deserving, and that's just off the top of my half-drunk head.

What a joke. Gametrailers has lost touch with the gaming community.

Dutch Boogie4224d ago

GT still living in denial. They know exactly what they are doing. The massive 360 brigade of fanboys on that sight would be up in arms if they had giving GOTY to Uncharted 2 (ps3 exclusive). Oh well, when our children ask "hey dad! how much GOTY awards did MW2 win compared to Uncharted 2?" we will all know the answer.

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DevastationEve4224d ago

Uncharted has been Unseated.

CrimsonFox134224d ago

Something is wrong with Gametrailers. They're obsessed with that game. I really only think Gametrailers is in the business for the money and nothing else.

boodybandit4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Anyone that defends this...
well it doesn't even need to be said.
MW2 is the 2nd most glitch ridden game released this generation.
Personally I think MW1 (COD4) is a better game and a few of my friends have already went back to it.

Check my profile before claiming anything. I just got done playing 6 rounds earlier tonight on XBL. I am already losing interest in it and play it less and less with each passing week.

Uncharted 2, Demons Soul, AC2, and this garbage is GT's GOTY?

I feel sorry for developers that actually give a damn about making quality titles to be treated like this. MW2 is over rated, over marketed, glitch ridden mediocrity and not GOTY.

Carl14124224d ago


Exactly. Why should they bother doing new stuff anymore when they can pump our a rehash of the same crap and get it crowned GoTY

L-Teezy4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

i play both games on a regular basis, and i would give UC2 a very close choice of 2nd place, RIGHT under ..........
Demon's Souls being my GOY

MW2 kicks ass as well, but it kicks ass in 3rd place this year imo

i dont believe they gave mw2 the GOY award based off popularity... Spike's VGA's did that because the popular gamer's VOTE gave it to UC2. i think they gave it to mw2, because no other big site did, and they had to be different.... more like a political

SSS4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

U2 was amazing and had a better campaign, however Mw2's multiplayer is great, I've already had 7 and a half days spent in its multiplayer. For me that combined with a good single player and a fun specs mode is GOTY.

Now of course this is opinion, if you don't like MW2's multiplayer, or are a PC player Mw 2 is definately not GOTY for you.

*edit* They probably chose mw 2 cause they like multiplayer, and I can bet you that millions will be playing mw 2 two years in the future, its that addicting.

SinnedNogara4224d ago

Well.....that was.....expected. No suprises here.

DaTruth4224d ago

The only site fanboyish enough to actually go through with this! Well, they gotta cater to their fanbase! They had no 360 exclusive to latch onto!

pixelsword4224d ago

I predict their 2010 GOTY right NOW...

... Mass Effect 2.

Mark my words.

DevastationEve4224d ago

Uh comes the sequel!

Uncharted has been Unseated 2.

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rucky4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

That's so funny how video starts out by mentioning things like GOTY should "break the mold" or "push the envelope" yet in the end picked MW2 for their GOTY. A complete contradiction.

PirateThom4225d ago

Do you expect anything less than hypocricy from Gametrailers?

JeffGUNZ4224d ago

Uncharted 2 has won game of the year from like 16 other sites and one picks modern warfare 2 and they are bias? Come on. Maybe they just thought that Mw2 was a better package? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I enjoy MW2 greatly and it will be a game I play for years. The single player was fast paced and exciting, the spec-ops missions were unique and adrenaline pumping, and the multiplayer is addicting and rewarding. That all adds up to one heck of a game.

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bjornbear4224d ago

i have to agree with you there.

U2 won so many awards, and DS as well, that its only fair MW2 gets SOMETHING =P

Still, I completely agree, MW2 is far less innovative than even U2 was, but hey, who cares U2 won everything, its beyond this.

mrv3214224d ago

Only PS3 games must break the mold... it's ok if multiplatform and 360 games are too similar because no one likes the PS3.

Sarcasm4224d ago

Who really didn't see this coming after all that crap Shane Satterfield was talking about originality, and then MW2 gets a 9.5 anyway.

Rainstorm814224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Clap... Clap ...Well Said

People want Sony to fail this gen..even though majority of the games that deserve the title of "next-gen" is on that console.

U2:AT puts U:DF to shame...
MW2 and MW1 are the same...

(back to Darksiders on X360)

sikbeta4224d ago

You want to know what is the real problem, When some GT tool reviewed UC2 said it was anything new or something already done, or not innovative, I don't remember right now, but then MW2 comes out and GT give it a 9.5

What make MW2 better than any other game when you know is the same as MW, where is the improvement, the innovation, or whatever that make it better

This is not only about UC2 not being GOTY, Is about objectivity, a site that is objective must give the GOTY award to the Game that it deserve to be, not the Most Over-Hyped game or best seller

If UC2 is not GOTY, is OK, but there is a lot of good games this year, to just pick MW2, Batman AA for example

pixelsword4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

What is bullcrap is that Uncharted 2 won GOTY and GT didn't pick Killzone 2 "to be fair". GT themselves stated in this very clip that games should push the enevlope... Name ONE thing that MW2 does that's innovative? I can name several things Killzone 2 did that broke boundaries:

- First Person Cover
- Sixasis-enabled sniper rifle
- Broke Graphical boundaries for a First Person Shooter (probably the first game to exceed it's CG trailer graphically)
- Hit Recognition system
- 3D bullet holes that cast shadows
- Adaptable AI
- quick-action knife draw (you don't have to start pushing the button before you strike, which gives you a tactical edge for drawing it over shooting or using the butt of your gun)
- and even in-game the characters actually changes facial expressions if you want to get technical

If you want to go on the multiplayer side, it's the first multiplayer game that's non-objective that combines game types; not to mention the first multiplayer that doesn't degrade immensely from the single player when so much was applied graphically.

Okay, and Modern Warefare...



" paced and exciting...unique and adrenaline pumping... and... addicting and rewarding"

Even you couldn't name one thing that justifies GT's statement... because they sure the heck couldn't. for all of that "justification" none of those words say


But hey, go ahead, give this game undue praise while other games loop it in every way; all it will do is push some developers more and make other people think they can poop-out GOTY AAA titles when in reality they just messed themselves.

boodybandit4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

*Stands on chair and APPLAUDS*
Well said pixelsword!

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fjburgos4225d ago

like always gametrailers fall for the hype and pick a overrated multiplataform game, so they do not fall in to the fan boys wars, Call of Duty is a great game but not the game of the year, maybe the most buyed, the most hyped and the one of the most casual games of the years.

blue7xx74224d ago

Really I don't like Modern Warfare 2 I do agree it shouldn't have won but COD MW 2 one of the most casual games of the year??? really. If MW2 is casual then what do you consider Hardcore??

peowpeow4224d ago

I'd say it is very casual in the sense that it's a noobs game IMO. You can't really separate higher and lower skilled people because of stuff like auto-aim, all the perks, overpowered side weapons, too many camping spots..

My opinion of course.

shadow27974224d ago

" If MW2 is casual then what do you consider Hardcore?? "

Demon Souls. ;-)

chidori6664224d ago

facepalm for this.. Uncharted 2 is goty of 2009 absolute!!!

Lekumkee4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Hopefully now everyone will stop here will stop giving that site hits. It's obvious they are bias and not to one certain system but to whom ever lines their pockets with the most money.

Geoff Keighley has lost all my respect. Not just for this but for the insane amount of hype he was hinting at before the Spike VGA's and all the announcement being absolutely underwhelming. For defending the f*cking "ho's and guidos" from "The Jersy Shore" show that he had on the VGA's. Stevie Wonder talking about videogames?! Granted it was about videogame music but f*cking Stevie Wonder?!?! And now MW2 sweeping the GOTY awards across all platforms?!

It's sites like this that tell developers that it's OK to release a half-ass sequel and they would be rewarded for it. The GameTrailers awards is like winning the Spike VGA awards, it's cool to have but no one respects what they say or think.

snipermk04224d ago

Funny how they say to be game of the year, the game should "break the mold", but mw2 breaking the mold is as hilarious as Jesus christ playing golf with the anti christ.

ATi_Elite4224d ago

First off GT knows nothing about the complexity or history dealing with video games. they just play game trailers and have an open hand to recieve money from any developer paying.

Second: to say Game of the Year needs to push the envelope, break the mold, or be very well polished, then say Modern Warfare 2 is game of the year. Hell Space Invaders on the Iphone could have won Game of the Year over MW2

Modern Warfare 2 is DLC from Modern Warfare.
So basically developers can sit back and relax and make the crapiest games and win awards as long as they ADVERTISE like CRAZY because that's all that MW2 is, one big commercial.

Pandam0bile4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Lol. Anyone remember when GameTrailers gave the Best Graphics award to Call of Duty 4 over Crysis in 2007?

Yeah. GameTrailers has lost it's vibe over the years. It's pretty clear that the publisher with the biggest pockets is gonna get the GOTY awards.

I'm sorry, but I don't care what platform you're loyal to; but if Uncharted 2 doesn't win the GOTY award over some re-hashed sh1t like Modern Warfare 2, there's something wrong.

solidjun54224d ago

...they were riding IW jock like rhinestone cowboy (Well I said the rhinestone cowboy part. lol).

"Break the mold" - I agree. It goes back to their originality criteria, which is why it doesn't surprised me that they chose...wait a minute. MW2 actually goes against that criteria. Wow GT, you're FoS. Meh, I'm not surprised.

iistuii4224d ago

How many people playing MW2 compared to U2? millions more......not a few, but millions mate. MW2 is what people are playing ...get over it. You may not like it but MILLIONS do mate.FACT.

Pandam0bile4224d ago

Who the hell cares about how popular the game is? It's impossible to argue CODMW2 is better than a game like Uncharted 2.

Just becuase COD is a 12 year old's dream game doesn't make it GOTY.

bjornbear4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I bet you there are loads more people playing Super Mario Bro's Wii and Wii fit, does that mean THEY deserve GOTY?

Man you cheerleaders are so damn delusional. We are all talking about QUALITY here, and you bring QUANTITY.

Brain damaged much?

Oh and for future ref.

Adding the word "fact" in capital letters at the end of anything you write doesn't make right ;)

solidjun54224d ago

so basically what you're saying is that just because people use crack more, it's better than cocaine. Bad analogy. Popularity is not an indicator for Goty. If that's the case, Wii sports (I'm not dissing the game people) should have been GoTy, even though there isn't any online indicator of the game being played but to sell that much, people has to enjoying and playing the game. Better yet, all those pokemon games. Nothing new to them, but millions are sold everywhere. It's very popular.

But don't you find it funny that based on GT, GOTY has to 'break the mold', thus establishing their criteria. It's not about popularity. Anyway, whatever, it's a wash. I'm not surprised at GT.

Dutch Boogie4224d ago

lol the 360 fanboys are celebrating yet over another multiplat turd. I played this game at my cousins and it left me with nothing but a bitter taste. The bloody game is the same as the first.

vickers5004224d ago

"if Uncharted 2 doesn't win the GOTY award over some re-hashed sh1t like Modern Warfare 2, there's something wrong."

There is certainly something wrong alright. With you, and everyone who thinks like you. People like you who do not understand what an opinion is, and will never learn to respect one, because they are selfish children who think everyone should think like them.

badz1494224d ago

hey, give US the real Pandamobile back! I was certaing that you are THAT Pandamobile when you're talking about Crysis and then suddenly sided with Uncharted 2! the Real panda won't do that IMO! but you're right, nothing else beats Uncharted 2 for GoTY this year!

Pumbli4224d ago

vickers500 - You say there's something wrong with Panda and anyone that agrees with him? That's certainly something I'd expect a child to say. Oh, you also contradicted yourself a bit there, it's Panda's opinion, so you're one of those people who do not know what an opinion is and will never learn to respect one? :) Or are just as much of a child as you claim the rest of us are?

Panda is a PC fan, IW screwed PC gamers over with MW2, so of course he's not going to like the game and I fully agree with him.

It's not an opinion that there are no dedicated servers on PC.

Respect the Panda.

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