Can Sony Keep Up The Momentum in 2010?

DualShockers writes: "2009 was a year that brought Sony much fortune. Not only did the PS3 see better sales for multiplatform titles, but Sony had some AMAZING exclusives. With 2010 a heartbeat away, the big question is, can Sony keep up their momentum going into the new year/decade?"

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Tomarcus4227d ago

I hope so, I like some competition.

blitz06234227d ago

They won't just keep up their momentum, but I expect them to raise it even higher. This should be a bigger year than 2009, both for Sony and Microsoft, but to me Sony will have a better year again

-Alpha4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

MS has a solid lineup as well, which means it's going to be damn competitive. 2009 was a joke for MS and lead to Sony fanboys claiming the end of the 360 (of course, these fanboys switch roles with 360 fanboys who proclaimed the same thing with PS3 when the PS3 first came out-- ironic how fanboy divisions are one in the same, isn't it?)

The 2010 lineup for both consoles is looking fierce and I would bet my money on Sony just slightly, but MS is right up there with their games. Halo Reach is set to be the BIGGEST game coming out in terms of the fans waiting for the sequel, and will likely spell doom for all other games in terms of sales, but there is also less popular (though just as anticipated) games like Heavy Rain set to debut early of 2010 too.

And of course, there is the long awaited arrival of GT5 and the epic conclusion of God of War.

Regardless, it's set to be a great year for both consoles-- let's not forget Project Natal and Playstation motion control and whether or not that is set to fail or succeed.

Of course there is also the progression and *possible* release of OnLive.

piroh4227d ago

sony is without competition nex year

Saaking4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Yes. It has the most exclusives and imo the best ones. It has a lot more features and has finally reached a very affordable price. It WILL continue to outsell the 360 WW for the rest of next year and beyond. Seriously, the PS3 is DESTROYING the 360 in Japan, winning in Europe and only slightly behind in NA. PS3 domination over the 360 is here to stay

And seriously, what's with this thought that MS has a better lineup? The 360 has:

(Entire Year)
Alan Wake
Fable III
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
(SCC and ME2 are multiplats)

That's a lot better than 2009 but compared to the PS3's FIRST HALF of 2010:

(First half of 2010)
Modnation Racers
3D Dot Heroes
GT5 (I think summer release in NA?)
Yakuza 3

And that's just of the top of my head. The PS3 has a MUCH better lineup.

-Alpha4227d ago

If that list is true then Sony is set for a greater 2010 than I had originally thought.

I'm sure MS has a few more games, as they do tend to announce games closer to launch than Sony does, but it's pretty obvious Sony has been planning long-term since PS3 debuted.

And it's been a long wait, but the "future" Sony always talked about has already become the present.

If that list is 100% accurate then it's clear Sony will be the victor again.

I wonder though, how motion control is going to change things for 2010.

Fable 3 and Gears 3 is already rumored for Natal (though nothing is solid proof) and it will be interesting to see what Sony offers for their games with motion control as well

Xi4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

if scc, and ME are multiplatform then yakuza 3 and wkc are 2009 titles, since they've already been released in japan. And if you're going to include modnation racers, why not throw in joyride for the 360? And what about games like NNN2, and perfect dark HD?

I just don't understand what type of demarcation you're using to justify ME2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Metro 2033, and Mechwarrior as being a multi-platform title, it seems pretty console exclusive to me.

bjornbear4227d ago


they are released in japan, but they are in japanese...

and unless you can read and understand japanese (i assure you most gamers in EU and USA can't), i think its safer to say they are coming out next year ;)

nice twist though, just not good enough

N4Garbage4227d ago

When has PC gaming stopped a 360/Ps3/PC game from creating more momentum for the consoles? That's right NEVER.

Let them play the PC. It will not stop the 360 from receiving it tho making it the only console on the market with those games.

ModNation Racers
3D Dot Heroes??

The list makes me chuckle because it all looks like fillers to make a list bigger.

You list what the 360 has for 2010 it's a list of games you know the mass will play. The Ps3's install base is growing larger and software trends are staying the same or lesser.

Not one exclusive after MGS4 has matched it's number and around that time Ps3 had millions of less Ps3's on the market

Xi4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Unless you have a pc capable to play those games at the same setting or higher, which most people dont, then it's not multiplatform. See how it works, it works with anything. The games were released in 2009, I can buy them now, import them and play them. I don't see how it's a 2010 release.

Broken logic for the win.

and he's still missing games like
tropico 3, kuf2, NNN2, zeno clash, divinity 2, metro 2033, risen...

OmarJA-N4G4227d ago

Sony already secured the momentum. ;)

we won4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Most those 360 titles are confirmed for the first half of the year by MSFT.

Alan Wake(confirmed first half)
Fable III
Crackdown 2(confirmed first half)
Halo Reach
Splinter Cell Conviction(console exclusive)(confirmed first half)
Mass Effect 2(console exclusive) (confirmed first half)
Metro 2033
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Blue Dragon 2(IGN says DEC 31 2010)
Kingdom Under Fire II(console exclusive)

You know you're in trouble when Saaking is posting PSN games.
He posted what he read about MSFT's statement about the announced 360 AAAs will be in the first half of the year and inserted PS3 and lied about the 360. MSFT doesn't announced their Holiday lineup until E3 or later. Halo games are not released at the very end of the year.


-GOW3 will sell good but not great because the PS3 install base isn't 120 million strong like the PS2 was.

-GT5 will sell really good for a PS3 titles but doesn't have the 120 million install base, the game will get hammered for it's inferior quality in reviews.

-MAG Flop, too much competition

-Heavy Rain greatest flop seen in history of gaming, people don't even buy the action packed PS3 exclusives why would they buy interactive cutscenes?

-WKC this is a 2009 game and is average in Japan why would it be anything great in the west?

-Enough with the PSN titles I can post XBL titles to fluff up my list too but I won't.

I don't need to post the 360 titles and the success they will bring.

Momentum? Are they talking about the sales spike we seen from the price drop? I thought VGC reported PS3 would beat the 360 last month but was wrong, now we believe them again after they over tracked the PS3 and under-tracked the 360? We now supposedly know they track world wide numbers correctly after they just got it wrong in a big way last month in a region with greater resources to track sales? lol

I thought the PS3 Momentum was already fading? Getting beat by 2:1 in the recent software releases and is already losing in NPD sales.

kewlkat0074227d ago

This is the first time in a while Sony have looked back and there was no one behind it...way...way back.

When was the last time we had 3 consoles vying for position and competing to a slew of demographic fanbase, while seeing success at different phases?

Been while

NotSoSilentBob4227d ago

Console exclusives do not count as I do not need a 360 to play those games. I will buy them on pc where they look better and play better. Everything can be exclusive it you adopt a term before it or after it. Exclusive means Only here. That is why the list for 360 exclusives is truly bare bones all the time. I can say more but it will go over your head.

N4Garbage4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

"and he's still missing games like
tropico 3, kuf2, NNN2, zeno clash, divinity 2, metro 2033, risen"...

The 360 will be the only console on the market with those games making the 360 of more value. Does it work for PC that way?

Gaming software makes the consoles faces on the market.

OSs, Apps, Hardware upgrades, business work, school, and gaming software make the PCs.

It's not hard to tell that these games being on the 360 will play a much better role for the 360 than the PC with that being said.

Consoles have given game software the proper pedestal needed for popularity.

Elder Scrolls and Fallout didn't exist to some of my friends until Oblivion and 3.

Maddens Raiders4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

just like what's happening in the PAL territories, the PS3 will continue the momentum WW and overtake the 360 with its year & in some cases, year and a half head start. A $299 PS3 was MS's worst nightmare. The technologically advanced PS3 is in the driver's seat now with AAA exclusives riding shotgun. The 360 is on it's way out and there's no denying that -- Natal won't / can't save it, just another mighty diversion from the people in Redmond. They should concentrate on making a better variety of games, continued upgrading of the reliability of their system (won't happen), and exceeding the graphics of the PS3 (can't happen) and making basic internet usage for your customer free for God's sake. I mean, the game line up isn't anything mind-blow-ing-ly unexcpected or that we haven't seen before This is what they do best.

When you can't beat game console competition straight up, spend millions of ad and hype dollars on billboards and Dr. Pepper cans and ring in the ignorant and blind faithful to help float your investment. We know how they react to ((real)) competition and innovation and what's best for the customer - -just ask yahoo, google, or datel. Too bad for them Sony doesn't play by those rules.

we won4227d ago

Sony will not overcome Halo Reach and Natal. 360 will basically relaunch as a different console next year, a console the world has not seen yet.

NotSoSilentBob4227d ago

1.16 -
Sony will not overcome Halo Reach and Natal. 360 will basically relaunch as a different console next year, a console the world has not seen yet.

so what your saying is that MS is releasing a new console and will make everyone buy it? Sounds like the 4 year cycle MS does. They did it with Xbox and now they are repeating it with 360 and its overpriced Accessories.

sikbeta4227d ago

The 2010 PS3 line-up is HUGE and nobody can't deny that

2010 is The YEAR of THE GAMERS

OmarJA-N4G4227d ago

"sony is without competition nex year"

Totally agree, another price cut & the 360 will be done for... :)

2010 is shaping to be another year of the PS3. :)

pippoppow4227d ago

Exclusives after exclusives. The diversity and quantity of high qulity exclusives for the PS3 far surpasses the competition. Not only in the last 2 years but in 2010 and the rest of this gen.

The 360 lacks exclusives, relies on timed exclusives, PC ports, online shooters with x-chat. Exclusives are it's weak point but the Arcade bundle makes an ok low end HD console for those on a budget even though the Elite should be in this price range ($200)and the Arcade should be $125 at most.

PS3 will continue to have the quantity:Quality crown and will outsell the 360 again world wide.

Jaces4227d ago

Wow, what a bunch of morons here.

What makes you think all those games will be released 2010, more thank likley half of those will be delayed till next year.

Some games you guys are just throwing out there to make your list look bigger, desperate much?

The only ones that look to make a big slash are:

Halo: Reach
FableIII (I hated the second one so I'm not really to certain about this last installment.)
Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Yakuza 3

I'm sure I've missed a couple though. A lot of other games are going to be thrown under the bus, Metro 2033, NN2, 3D Dot Heroes, Divinity 2, Zeno, I've never even heard of those and probably for good reason too.

ico924227d ago

yes because its gonna get of to a better start this year than it did last year now that its had the price cut and 3 AAA games being released in one month 2010 is gonna be one for the history books

TheReaper424227d ago

and here I thought splinter cell cOnvictiOn was a PC exclusive since it isn't on apple nor linux. What's this thing about console exclusive? See what I did there.

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Tomarcus4227d ago

I admit it... I love Sony, but I don't hate MS or Nintendo.

JoelT4227d ago

they make me broke :(

RedDragan4227d ago

I just hate the way Microsoft does business, which I consider to be akin to legalised mafia style business.

I also hate 360 fanboys, which is why tend to have a go at them. They cannot see that Microsoft are probably the most hated company in the world, not only by the public, but by the Governments as well. No other company has ever had so many court injunctions against them than Microsoft and there is a reason for it, simply put, they are screwing everybody. Yet the 360 fanboys still bend over and say "Give it too me M$, give it to me!"

dtrain214227d ago

Punch A Baby or Punch A Fanboy ?

JoelT4227d ago

with such a strong line-up of 1st party titles within the 1st 6 months, Sony's PS3 will finally surpass MS 360 in units sold to date this year.

blitz06234227d ago

5M gap overall is pretty big if you think about it. But last year Sony outsold MS by about 2M. But that IMO was MS's worst year, so it's gonna be tough to overtake them this year. Now if MS didn't have that 1 year headstart then Sony already have outsold them

DAVID BRENT4227d ago

8-5 million i dont see sony showing any compassion for 2010, in 2009 we had the same articles we have now 'will microsoft dominate with halo odst forza, gta dlc, l4d2' and sony quietly went about their business dropping exclusive bomb after bomb and its deja vu all over again, same tired articles and again 360 fanboys will be in for a shock, 360 does have halo reach which will be a huge seller but sonys line up is just to powerful and i can see them stealing e3 with footage of 'agent'

mastiffchild4227d ago

Well, i've had six 360s in yb time and four are definitely dead now! So I really, really doubt the lead is anywhere near the 5million we're meant to thiunk now-more like 2.5 worldwide, imo, there are LOADS of deceased 360s and nothing seems to take that into consideration and then there's the consoles people couldn't get rid of when MS did their rounds of bans as well. Seriously, it'll be closer than sales can ever tell us.

Not that both consoles aren't primed for a great year-they are with GREAT games on both platforms and a couple of big hitters as well(Reach, GOW3, ME2 and GT5!)and though I think Halo has sold all the consoles it's going to post Halo3 and ODST so Sony have the bigger system sellers from my pov this year-both GT5 and GOW3 are system sellers for Sony rather than the 360 games which either like Reach SCC and ME2(that have had iterations out this gen on 360)or like AW that prolly aren't system sellers(as Sony games like MNR and HR aren't either)as it's been coming out every year so far this gen and is a new IP-hell even TLG might shift a few consoles to PS2 die hards with SotC still so popular among them. So i see very big selling games on both platforms but with some PS heads even waiting for a multi like FF13(as Vs will be coming and it's lead platform and they always played FFs from SE on a Sony conssole)before committing to PS3 and HD console gaming. course, i could be wrong but Crackdown2 is another that people jhave already had a chance to buy a 360 for if you see my point while Gt5 and GOW3 are PS sytalwarts as is FF these days so I honestly think that even if the 360 outsells on a lot of games the PS3 still stands to sell more consoles as a resyult of the known line ups of games in 2010-with Natal and the Wands and their software and unknown at this point-FFS we don't even know if either will work well or even be able to copy the nunchuck kind of thing that WILL be needed to kove about game worlds, no?

Great, great year for games without touching on the amazing multiplats we might get or games we might still see like KZ3, R3, Gears3, Fable3 etc-even a Zelda on the Wii to go with the amazinbg looking Other M and SMG2! Great year so leyts pray valve announce some Ep3 news too!

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Darkeyes4227d ago

Japan will be won through out 2010.. PS3 will realistically speaking outsell the 360 every month by a good 100-150K in Japan if not more. GT5 will take care in Europe for quiet sometime and Sony will stay on 360s back in NA.. In short all PS3 needs to do is keep the gap in NA as small as possible and Japan and Europe will do the rest. So I feel PS3 will go in really strong at least till the 1st half of 2010.

Chadness4227d ago

FFXIII will sell more on the PS3 than the 360...IMO.

Saaking4227d ago

It obviously will. By the time FFXIII comes over to NA and Europe it will have already sold at least 2 million on PS3 in Japan and the PS3 version will probably sell better than the 360 version in both territories. There's no way the 360 version will sell more. Besides, FFXIII isn't a shooter.