Halo: Reach Already Fully Playable From Beginning to End

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Speaking on the latest 4 Guys 1UP Podcast, David Ellis states Halo: Reach is already playable from beginning to end. "

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Blaze9294226d ago

Nice. So if development does end July that leaves at least 2-3 months for them to just fool around with and test extensively. Then got the beta in the spring so multiplayer should run pretty smooth without the outbreak of glitches like some games (MW2).

Still surprised how Halo 3 needed no update to this date to fix any glitches or exploits. Unlike Halo 2...ulgh. SUPER JUMP!

Kalowest4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

All Halo games are finished from a couple of months to a half year early so this is not really surpising, wasn't Reach playable at E3. Can't wait for the Reach Beta.

Elven64226d ago

True, Bungie has really turned things around this generation, the few months they will have before launch can be put to bug fixing, polishing, etc.

ukilnme4226d ago

Yep, I hope they get the gameplay darn near perfect.

Saaking4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

More time to polish the game and fix any issues. What's the release date? Kinda of like late 2010 or summer 2010? Has Bungie said anything about it?

Blaze9294226d ago

Nah reach wasn't playable at E3. No doubt it will be next year though.

RockmanII74226d ago

It probably looks like sh1t right now, 6 months of polish will improve that. Now hurry up and get that beta out their.

Lifendz4226d ago

That gives them almost 6 months to work out bugs, shine the visuals, and make sure it's ready for a fall release date.

HammockGames4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

With all the hype, most Halo fans are hoping/expecting to be blown away by Reach. I am, and I hope they deliver.

The gameplay isn't the issue - I think most people would agree with that (it's a blast, quite literally). But I'd like to see Bungie deliver a wow factor in some way shape or form.

The graphics need to be more than Halo 2.51 -> visuals have come too far since '07 for Bungie to just deliver more of the same.

SixZeroFour4226d ago

@Saaking - they just said fall 2010

as for basically finishing the game...all they have left is polishing and even possibly adding little things that can only make the game better

really looking forward to this game and its beta

Bnet3434226d ago

Yeah that's true, this game should be shipped finely tuned with all the extra time they will have to polish it. I can't wait.

Blackfrican4226d ago

The thing that makes halo different than other games is that they do not simply release it as soon as it becomes playable, they refine the gameplay mechanics to near perfection. I always look forward to halo games because they always show you something that you did not think xbox was capable of.

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8thnightvolley4226d ago

bug fixing i hope they get all out to keep the game a damn great experience..

el zorro4226d ago

That's definitely good news. It seems like a huge project and if they already have the basic layout from beginning to end it means they will have more time to polish everything. Which is amazing to me because the trailer already blew me away with its graphical quality. If the gameplay graphics are anywhere close to that it is going to be one of the nicest looking games around.

Very, very excited for this.

pixelsword4226d ago

2010 looks promising already!

siyrobbo4225d ago

no doubt they'll be using the extra time to do some dlc ready for a few weeks after launch, seems to be the norm just lately

AngryTypingGuy4225d ago

Yeah it only makes sense to release Halo at the optimum time of the year for video games. It's a guaranteed heavy hitter.

TheSadTruth4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

as a Halo fanboy I don't like hearing this

If the single player story is already done it most likely means it's short and has little depth...

I was hoping for something epic this time around, but I learned my lesson after Halo 3

You can spend a year polishing it but that won't fix a bad story or repetitive gameplay

pixelsword4225d ago

I'm sure that Bungie's been working on it since Halo 3 and only released ODST because of the span in time between Halo 3 and Reach.

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DailyAddict4226d ago

I know Bungie and MS keep saying that "every new Halo game will be completely different" and honestly I'm hoping that's the case with Halo: Reach because they flat out lied about all the rest of the games about being completely different/better than the previous entry. I'm tired of them abusing the Halo name. Notice the complete lack of attention ODST received from GOTY awards? That's right, because it wasn't deserving of anything and that game - according to MS and Bungie - was also suppose to be "different" and it turned out to just be "more Halo". *crosses fingers*

ProA0074226d ago

that vision flew out the window as soon as they realized they could get away with charging $60 for it.

Blaze9294226d ago

I just wonder how different the multiplayer will be this time around if at all. If it's too much the same then it's just like...the same stuff. They change it up too much then people are like, wtf is this!?

The violence thing sounds good though. On the level of Gears of War type gore apparently.

Kalowest4226d ago

Your right about the MP part, people want some of the same but also improved/news features, one thing people don't want is a perk system for Halo.

mrv3214226d ago

I sort of want a darker Halo. The Halo 3 enemies for me was quite... cartoony in nature they need to be made more dark in nature.

The combat feel good. Graphics need updating AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET THAT DAMN GIRL OUT MY DAMN HELMENT.

Basically after killing 1,000's of enemies I am slowed down BY A HOLOGRAM. It breaks pace too much.

Just imagine in MW2 is every too often you are forced to stop and look at a static for 10-15 seconds out of combat. Because that's what it is doing.

The Lazy One4226d ago

I kind of took the slowing down to be more like slowing down time rather than slowing you down physically.

Strikepackage Bravo4226d ago

actually Microsoft and Bungi both stated that ODST would be nothing special, it was originally supposed to be even less than it is, that is why they were going to charge less than 60 bux for it. Where do you people get your info from, do you actually know anything about the 360?

Or do you just hate on it with a blindfold on?

SixZeroFour4226d ago

yea, where does bungie and ms get off giving us "more halo" for a game about halo...i mean, thats completely us "more halo" for a game about gears, now thats understandable, but "more halo" for a halo game, wtf is that?!! /s

what do you expect when your playing a game about halo? seriously

and personally, i think leaving out matchmaking for firefight was where they really dropped the ball...if they added that, then it would still be played by countless amount of players

SoX FireBlade4226d ago

the halo 3 beta was different from halo 3

the graphics were different i think they added motion blur and it looked slightly better

the gameplay was a little different

the sniper was easy in the beta and in halo 3 it's harder

so i expect the full version will be a little bit different than the beta version

el zorro4226d ago

Actually ODST did have a lot that was different about it. I honestly don't understand how anybody that has actually played the Halo games could claim that it is just the same.

Expecting a game franchise to radically change is completely stupid anyway. If you change it too much it just upsets the fanbase and makes the game no longer feel like the same game. Uncharted 2 wasn't fundamentally different from Uncharted 1, it simply had some enhancements and improvements, just like we have seen in the Halo games. I don't get what is with this double standard that some people have.

Halo Reach will offer probably some of the biggest changes we have seen in the franchise so far, but if you are expecting it to be fundamentally different in a huge way your expectations are way out of line.

I want it to continue to improve, but I don't want it to fundamentally change its nature.

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ProA0074226d ago

Wow Bungie sure does work fast. Anyone how big their team is?

AridSpider4226d ago

They have the motivation of "money microsoft" behind them.

JasonXE4226d ago

2-3 years is more than enough time to make a Halo game over there. They started shortly after finishing Halo 3

Kalowest4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Wikipedia said they have 163 employees, IDK about how big the teams are still, thats still alot of people, and their really good at what they do.

Elven64226d ago

163 employees as of June of this year.


"With 163 employees now, Bungie has outgrown the offices Microsoft developed for it, a former Kirkland hardware store converted into a futuristic, metal-sheathed studio known as the "the Bunker.""

With Halo 3 they also had credits for FASA Studios, Rare, and I think Lionhead as well so perhaps they also contribute to development, most likely beta testing though.

The Lazy One4226d ago

but they work on multiple projects at one time. It's not like all 163 work on a single game the whole time. For example, ODST was done by a small part of the team while the others worked on Reach, halo 3 map packs, and other stuff.

Probably for a few weeks before Reach launches everyone will be working on it just for the final push, but they don't have 163 people working on Reach for the whole 2-3 years.

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Kaitou4226d ago

Great, this game looks good.

Omega44226d ago

Considering its been in development since Halo 3 its not too surprising. At least now they got plenty of time to make sure the game runs flawlessly and doesnt get delayed.