Why Backwards Compatibility Matters

Ryan Jackson writes, "I feel betrayed. I feel many of us have been betrayed over the years, by many of those in whom we trust, or feel we do. I own Steel Battalion, a game many would not have paid 200$ for at launch. Though I still own an original Xbox, the game will never be backwards compatible because of the controller connection, will only match an original Xbox, and I wouldn't expect a company to release an adapter for an extinct product line."

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Pennywise4223d ago

It matters because what else would they complain about?

inSaneELF4223d ago

There are plenty of people who don't care about it. And considering Sony dropped it from the PS3, they don't care about it.

Nambassa4223d ago

With all the great games on PS3, why would you and why would you want to?

Max Power4223d ago

some PS2 games every now and then, and if my PS3 didn't have BC I'd just play it on my PS2 which is right there next to my PS3.

RockmanII74223d ago

Max hit the nail right on the head. Mostly play this gen games but still able to appreciate last gen games. If you can't do that, I pity you.

BattleAxe4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Backwards compatibility mattered for the first 2 years the PS3 was out before all the great games started rolling out, but now I have to say that I have almost no intentions of playing anymore PS2 games.

I recently got rid of most of my PS2 games because they were collecting dust, but I kept some of my favorite ones from last gen.
(I'm a big Military shooter fan)
- Socom: US Navy Seals
- Socom: US Navy Seals 2
- Socom: US Navy Seals 3
- Socom: Combined Assault
- Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
- Rainbow Six 3
- Black

Its just too bad that they botched Socom: Confrontation for PS3. It plays fine now, but its too little too late :(

ReservoirDog3164222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Some people care, some people don't. I do.

I appreciate classics. But, you know, why complain?

(I have a 60 GB PS3 that I fixed twice to keep bc)

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villevalorox4223d ago

why it does not. I had it with my 60gb and never used it.

*Playing on a bc system on an hdtv sucks balls! It looks really fuzzy and blurry.

*not having bc give us a reason to nag at sony or who ever which then they make remastered versions? :)

* incompatibility

*idk but i know it just did not work for me, was nice to have but i never used it because it seemed dated or something?

Pennywise4223d ago

I won't lie, I used my BC one time to see if it worked.

Nambassa4223d ago

Yeah, just before Killzone 2 came out I played and completed the 1st one on my 60GB PS3. It didn't actually look that bad.
If you turn on the 'PS2 Smoothing' it actually helps the overall graphical presentation. Unfortunately there are some glitches in the audio but they aren't that noticeable.

MasterOne4222d ago

I used BC for GOW II. Some folks need something to complain about. Besides, if the game is good, it will probably be spruced up with HD like GOW, Prince of Persia, Street Fighter, etc...

JoySticksFTW4222d ago

most later ps2 games on ps3 looks great, but I 'd imagine that the particular game has a lot to do with it

I played the following using PS3's backwards compatibility on a HDTV with good results...

GoW [email protected]
SF3: Third Strike (installs to hdd for fluid animation)
Odin Sphere

And a lot of the later PS2 games have the option for progressive scan

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mrv3214223d ago

Funny how BC only mattered after Sony removed it. I have only used it on my 60GB twice.... one for project eden to check if it worked and the other was Socom 2 because it's Socom 2.

Other than that it's a pointless feature.

RockmanII74223d ago

Your comment fails so hard I don't know where to start.

Marcelles254222d ago

i've had my 60g(now 320G0) since the console launched and only used backwards compatibility twice

once for GODofWar the other for, Test Drive Unlimited.

to me its a stupid feature but to all of you who complain here you go B/C
is it really that hard?

sashimi4223d ago

It matters cause it'll be the reason for those won't won't buy a Ps3 anyway to use and say i won't buy a Ps3 because there is no BC.Also for
to downrate the Ps3.

creeping judas4223d ago

I have not played any of the BC games on the 360 after I got it. I sold all my old games. Why, well with the new generation the older games looked liked poo, and I'm not that sentimental to ignore that fact.

If my PS3 was BC, I wouldn't mind checking out GT4 and that is it.

Godmars2904223d ago

All you're really saying is that you didn't have any games worth keeping.

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