Trinity Zill O'll Zero: 4 Dengeki magazine pages

The PS3's upcoming action RPG Trinity Zill O'll Zero is featured in four pages of the newest Dengeki magazine.

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Chris3994229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

Very excited for this game. Too bad that it's been pushed to "somewhere" in 2010. Well, maybe not. The first three months of this year (Jan-Mar) has me purchasing about 8 games for the PS3 alone; most of these are JRPGs too. A little relief on the wallet might be welcome.

But man, this (well tomorrow and onwards) IS the year of the JRPG, that's for sure.

P.S. Don't forget to pick up Last Rebellion in February fellow JRPG nuts. It's selling for budget cost! $39 or $49 depending upon where in NA (US or Canada respectively) you live. The price alone sealed the deal for me. Oh, and Star Ocean International was cheaper than the average retail game when I went in to place my pre-orders. So was WKC ($59 - most games in Canada are $69.99). Don't know if this signals a shift in the market for retail pricing or what, but it all came as a nice surprise. FFXIII was, naturally, expensive :)

pippoppow4229d ago

More interested in this game as time goes on myself. Some nice gameplay vids is all I need. Very intrigued.

Will get WKC, FF13, most likely ZOLL, Atelier Rorona (nice anime style) and possibly 3D Dot Heroes. Trinity Universe is looking pretty good also. Lots of RPGs next year.

Wish Tears to teara would get a port. Would be nice if they did a 1+2 bundle for $60.

Simon_Brezhnev4229d ago

well i didnt know last rebellion was retailing at $39.99 time to pre-order it

Ravage274229d ago

will be broke early next year though

vhero4228d ago

Finally JRPG devs are starting to bring great games like this to PS3 and stick with it as that's where us JRPG fans went after PS2.

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chidori6664229d ago

2010 is the year of j-rpgs no doubt this



only on ps3 ;)

knifefight4229d ago

Looking forward to this and White Knight Chronicles. Cautiously optimistic about Last Rebellion and Ar Tonelico III.