The Most Uplifting Super Mario Bros. Trailer

Dan Abramson of the Huffington Post writes: "The internet is filled with videos re-imagining 'Super Mario Bros.,' but this one seriously struck a chord. I think I may have cried while watching this. Yes, that's right. A video that dramatically cuts together clips of Mario was so inspirational that it reduced me to tears. Hell, Mario wasn't just plucking on my heart strings here, he was strumming away."

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Smacktard4234d ago

I saw this video ages ago. Still awesome though.

whothedog4234d ago

That was..... beautiful.

GodsHand4234d ago

Good Video, I would of put some Super Mario RPG (SNES) gameplay scenes in there, it had some memorable moments. I know it was a Squaresoft game at the time, but it was still a Mario game none-the-less.

Bueller4234d ago

Wow, I think that may be a bit dramatic... nice montage and that's it.

exnihilonihilfit4234d ago

That song is just so touching, but for anyone who has actually played all of those games since childhood, there really is something special going on here. When I watched it, I was just flooded with so many good memories from my childhood. I can see why the guy said he almost cried, but you'd really have to have grown up with Mario to get it. It's kind of like seeing your life flash before your eyes.

Toadmaster894234d ago

Nintendo should watch this...

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