Can 2010 be the best year in video games ever?

GB writes: "Today is 31st December, the last day in 2009. At 12 a.m. 2010 will come over. 2009 was one of the best years in Video Games Industry with a ton of stunning video games released throughout. 2010 looks like a very strong year that might be as good as the year we had in 2009. But can it be the best year in video games ever?"

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Nambassa4234d ago

This is said every year...

Saaking4234d ago

Yea, but this time it seems like it'll come out true. On the PS3 alone there's many exclusives. Combine them with 360 exclusives, multiplats, and some Wii games. That's a hell of a lot of games to get.

Nambassa4234d ago

Hmmm there aren't that many games that I'm actually looking forward to this year apart from Heavy Rain and God of War III.
Hopefully more games will be announced to release Christmas 2010. There's bound to be a Resistance 3, which I can't wait for, and hopefully there'll be a Killzone 3 announcement. If they fix all the issues from Killzone 2 I think they could have the best FPS ever.

bacon134234d ago

The next 3 months are going to be great let alone the year. Doing a rough estimate I'm looking at $400-500 dragon uppercut to the face from Jan-Apr with all these great games coming out. Godbless x-mas bonuses and tax returns.

OmarJA-N4G4234d ago

It certainly will be for PS3 owners. ;)

Nambassa4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

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Nambassa4234d ago

Motorstorm 2 is still my favourite off-road racer and if there is a new one, it would definately be a 1st day purchase for me.

Beast_Master4234d ago

I think Motorstorm 3 is a possibility but more than likely if the rumors are true about Twisted Metal, then I would guess no.

So far I have 30 must play games on my list for 2010, I won't be buying all of those games and some may end up big turds, I am just amazed at the games that are not being talked about like Lost Planet 2, Brink, DC Universe Online and FF14. Plus we don't even know what next fall is going to bring other than Brink, Reach and Dead Space 2. Not to mention the Nintendo big boys like Mario, Metroid and Zelda. So far 2010 is gonna be the biggest year I have ever seen.

jimbone4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

It certainly will be for 360 too.

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Myst4234d ago

I could have sworn I read this not to long ago. It seems everyone thinks it will be the best because both systems will be presented with something good. Well all four to be totally honest.

Halo Reach - 360
Monster Hunter Tri - Wii
Heavy Rain - PS3
Final Fantasy XIV - PC

I just picked some random games off the bat and either way you look at it, each system is getting something so in a way I guess so?

Mr Logic4234d ago

First of all God of War 3 is WAY more anticipated to the general gaming community. Secondly, Final Fantasy XIV isn't exclusive.

Myst4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

"I just picked some >>random<< games off the bat and either way you look at it, each system is getting something so in a way I guess so?"

Emphasis on the last sentence I wrote, yeah I know that's probably why I didn't pick it? Everyone knows about it so why choose it? Second I know it isn't and I'll just go back to saying like I stated at the beginning of this paragraph emphasis on the last sentence I wrote.

Also when was I talking or even thinking about talking about games that are highly anticipated for each system? Halo Reach may show that I was thinking about it, but it certainly doesn't apply to all nor to me. Otherwise it would be ME2 for 360, and White Knight for PS3.

n4f4234d ago

i dunno but i dont think so

Darkeyes4234d ago

Sadly, having too many games isn't a great thing cause that means you miss out on many titles... I for one am gonna miss out on Beyonetta, Darksiders, SC and many other so that I can get a few I like more like GOW3, ME2 and GT5. Just look at the early 2010 and it's evident that not all games will have good times in sales as most will eat each others market... GOW3 and GT5 will be the first preference among many PS3 owners.. On the 360 side, ME2 will enjoy good numbers, but can't say the same about SC....

2010 probably will go down as the year where most good games got released which people hardly played. A good exposure is always needed and most new IPs are gonna suffer real bad.

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