2010: The Year of Xbox 360 Domination?

From the feature editorial:

"Out with the old and in with the new is the usual quid pro quo that comes at the end of each year and with everything gamers have been exposed to, 2009 will without a doubt be a tough act to follow. However, as Microsoft Game Studios flaunts what the 360 has to offer, the console stands to seize the market and become the centerpiece of the game industry in 2010. As Microsoft continues to provide a seemingly endless supple of new quality content and numerous choice exclusives, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the treat gamers are in for come next year. Conversely, Project Natal stands to revolutionize how video games move players along with how we enjoy our overall entertainment experience when it comes to the 360. Last but not least, the continued support and updates via Xbox Live ensure that as long as developers want to, they really can provide a vast, indefinite amount of additional content to their choice audiences. Thus, it becomes evident that the Xbox 360 really does stand to reshape the industry as a whole and remain a leader in the gaming community throughout the span of 2010."

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Valkyrie834225d ago

I think if Microsoft does come out with Natal in 2010 it could be a very good year for the Xbox 360 - also seems as though 2009 was a good year for their sales but this is ending the typical MS console lifecycle which worries me a bit.....good points original author!

Darkeyes4225d ago

We will see who wins.. At least the first half is in PS3s pocket with GT5 and GOW3 releasing. GT5 means absolute Europe domination. Late 2010 seems a little hard to predict as we don't know what games are gonna land, who will have a price cut or some odd deal that might crop up and be great for someone (like the MW2 deal for the 360).

A huge factor here is that PS3s win in Japan far far exceeds the win 360 gets from NA.... It's like if 360 gains 100K in NA, PS3 gains that in a week in Japan...Also, as reported PS3 is outselling the 360 in PAL region as well which means in sales, PS3 looks stronger...

Software is more Subjective so I leave that to you... Besides we haven't really come to the conclusion of whether ME2/SC:C are 360 exclusive or not ; )

Xeoset4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )


- They have the biggest lineup
- They have the 360 relaunch
- The actual arrival of Natal
- They'll continue to innovate the online area
- They keep all their cards close to their chest unlike Sony and Nintendo, so with the biggest and best look for 2010 already, we can only expect more
- They kept up and even overtook their competitors at times in sales, considering they both had big years while the 360's was lackluster
- Etc

I reckon the 360 has this wrapped up.

Microsoft HQ4225d ago

no, it's the year the PS3 will pass the xbox in sales

Beast_Master4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Didn't we see MS's 8 mill console lead cut down to 5 in the last 4 months? I wouldn't think they would be happy about that by the time Natal comes out they will more than likely be in last place. Natal is the only new thing coming out, everything else they have are shooters, ME2 RPG Shooter, Spliter Cell 3rd person Shooter, Halo Reach, Crackdown 2 Open world Shooter, Alan Wake Survival Horror Shooter. Sorry but I don't see MS expanding past it's core audience in 2010.

@ Above..
'Biggest Lineup'??? you must be joking right?

Darkeyes4225d ago

-Biggest line up..... Even if you consider all those titles appearing on PC as 'Exclusive', then too both consoles have an equally matched up line up. Besides, we don't even know what games are gonna be announced for late 2010.

-360 relaunch.... Wow you seem to know something I do not... Shooting arrows in the dark are we?

-Natal... Given, but do you think that a late 2010 show will overshadow an entire half years outselling.... Don't think Natal will have much impact outside NA.

-Innovate in online.... Yup, but that goes both ways... If those features that showed in Sony's subscription come out to be true, the I feel the PSN will be BETTER than LIVE if it's the same price.

-Over took competition in sales.... When the hell did that happen? PS3 outsold the 360 for 2009 and that too by a good 2-3 million margin. Did you check out the last 2 weeks sales just in Japan? PS3 sold more than 500K units.... PS3 absolutely OWNED 2009.

I reckon the fight is still on and seems like it's favoring the PS3.

doG_beLIEfs4225d ago

You very funny round eye....very funny. Biggest lineup really? Sure we do not know what MS or Sony's full lineup is yet but as of right now no matter how big a fanboy for MS you are, if you don't want to sound like a Fix Views "newscaster" please don't continue to spout such utter NONsense or I will start calling you Billo the Clown or Sean Insannity.

GT5 and GOW3, just those 2 HUGE AAA Sony exclusives will utterly dominate the market for a month at the very least. GT5 in the EU will IMO sell more games than any other game of this generation. (the Wii is not included because it is NOT a part of this generation)

Of course sales does not equal a great game but in the case of GT5 and GOW3...they DO.

Cold 20004225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

If Natal is as big as what MS is making it out to be well 2010 will be the year $ony officialy says goodbye to the idea of ever catching up with the 360.

As for the games, we already know the 360 is going to have a huge year (and thats without Natal), now add the unannounced projects like they did this year with Forza 3 and L4D2 and you can be sure the 360 is going to have its best year yet.

Does that mean "domination". Not so sure, The day the 360 outsells the PS3 2:1 or vice versa then you can talk about domination. Otherwise they'll just be on top of each other for a couple of months till the next price cut or whatever like it has been so far.

darthv724225d ago

I am not so sure about that but the lineup they have announced certainly is better than 09.

Lets just say that 2010 will be better than 09. Domination...not so much.

Xeoset4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Project Gotham Racer 5
Fable III
Halo: Reach
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Mass Effect 2
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Bayonetta (may as well be 360 exclusive)
Sixteen exclusives from BIG developers and growing, already announced.

There's 25 BIG exculsives right there and we're not even in 2010 yet.

@ above. Microsoft themselves have stated they're treating both this year and Natal as a relaunch. They've realised this generation will be lasting a LONG time. They've said a big marketing campaign is in order already.

Hanif-8764225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

The author of this article is on crack Xbox360 domination in 2010, don't make me laugh...most of the PS3 AAA heavy hitters is gonna be released in next year.
God Of War 3
Gran Tursimo 5
Heavy Rain
ModNation Racer
Resistance 3
Twisted Metal
The Last Guardian
MLB 10: The Show

Alan Wake
Halo Reach
Crackdown 2
Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell:Conviction

Cold 20004225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Its pretty funny to see how the Sony diehards on top REFUSE to even conceive that next year the 360 could have a better lineup. The energy you put in trying to say is false is crazy.

OFFICIALLY announced for 2010 (exclusives):

PS3 = MAG, Heavy Rain, GOW3, GT5, Last Guardian, Modnation Racer (sorry if I forgot anything)

360 = ME2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach and Fable 3.

So now what makes the PS3 lineup so much better ? Especially when theres 3 new unproven IP's (MAG, Heavy Rain, Modnation, I dont count in the Last Guardian because it's almost AAA assured).

edit: I know you guys are going to bring up the same bu bu PC excuse. The fact that you guys buy games like Fallout 3, Dragons Age, Oblivion, and any multiplat FPS/shooter etc on PS3 rather than on the PC just shows how much of a PC gamer you are lol. great to see how much you care about PC gaming :)

@sikbeta & Darkeyes: Im not talking about "domination", Im talking at the people above who seem to have a heart attack when someone dares say that the 360 may have a better 2010 lineup.
And Darkeyes if I have to add potentiel 2010 360 exclusives well theres PGR5, new Mistwalker game, APB...Gears 3...lets nots venture into speculation :)

sikbeta4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

How in HELL I will take this "article" serious when I see -> ? <- in the title

You have to blind to think that way, or you ONLY want to see your console of choice Line-up and pretend everything else don't exist

Delusional as Always...

@Cold 2000

There is a difference between a next year 360 better lineup and "x360 Domination", I can do the same with PS3 and it'll sound like PURE FANBOYSM

I'm a PS3 owner and the 2010 line-up is HUGE, but it doesn't mean other consoles don't have games :P

SilentNegotiator4225d ago

2010 is actually going to be a year where both the ps3 and 360 have amazing lineups. A year where it's actually not definitive enough to choose a "Year of ____"

Darkeyes4225d ago

Cold add in games like White Knight Chronicles (again a RPG people need to look out for.... Can be as good as Demons Souls was), ModNation Racers (This here is the next LBP)... And do you seriously think PS3 is gonna have no games in late 2010? Resistance 3, KZ3 and many other can be expected, I know it ain't announced, but I am 90% sure we are seeing R3 next year. We might even see Agent next year.

I ain't denouncing the 360 line up, but both have a great line up in 2010. I was just countering Xeosets argument for 360 having the 'undisputed best line up'...

Besides funny you ask, I am a sole PS3 owner and I bought DA:O and FO3 on my PC and am gonna buy ME2 and SC on PC... Again the exclusive debate sigh....

Troll_Police4225d ago

You forgot Modnation Racers, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, and 3D Dot Heroes. You mention 2 of the PS3 exclusives being unproven IPs, yet you list Alan Wake with confidence for the Xbox. Hypocrite much? Also, I don't even need an Xbox to play most of the games you listed.

4225d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

U.S. -> PS3 price drop + Uncharted 2 -> Result, MS outsold PS3 in November
Japan -> PS3 price drop + FFXIII -> Result, Sony outsold 360 by a wide margin and closed the gap
Europe -> GT5 next year

Time and time again, new IPs don't sell consoles and frankly it doesn't seem exclusive games sell any consoles with exception of MGS4, FFXIII in Japan and perhaps GT5 for the PS3. None of the other games will matter and Sony will be out of price drops for a long while. The price drop will have a limited effect after Christmas, just like the 360 did. Sales will be higher than previously, but not leaps and bounds.

Therefore I think the market share will stay until MS drops the price again or if Natal is released and is a huge success. Maybe Halo: Reach might be a system seller as well, but most games don't seem to make a significant impact on console sales.

mikeslemonade4225d ago

Xbox 360 exclusives are either rehashed titles or they are nothing special. They are not going to sell systems. And they're just simply going to solid games that get 9s.

himdeel4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago ) have to ask that type of question you probably already know the answer. Nevertheless, I think it's only appropriate to wait until we get a better picture of the games that will be released or scheduled to be released for both platforms exclusively before you make any type of conjecture.

Likewise Natal and the word revolutionize don't belong in the same sentence, nor does SONYs wand device and revolutionize. They are just old peripherals reformatted and adapted to new hardware and software. Flailing body parts does not a revolution make...unless it's a sexual one or virtual porn.

bacon134225d ago

I don't see the need for articles like this. Why is so important for gamers to sling s**t back and forth regarding which console is superior. As long as good, quality and enjoyable games are produced, who cares? As for Natal, its still way too early for it's full potential to be seen. Painting elephants and talking to British children named Milo are not going to win over hardcore gamers' hearts. FPS, RPG, RTS and action/adventure interaction will need to be integrated competently to really make it something to contend with and give MS the push I think they need.

lowcarb4225d ago

I prefer 360 so for me it will dominate 2010.

i3eyond the Circle4225d ago

I compare the line ups and I see more games I want on the 360 over the Ps3.

GoW3, Heavy Rain, Resistance 3 if that releases.


Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell, Reach, Alan Wake, Kingdom Under Fire 2, Fable3, Metro 2033

Now the only heavy hitters from both systems are..

Mass Effect2, Splinter Cell, Fable 3, Halo: Reach

Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3

The 360's lineup will have more following and in the end tally up more gaming and sales across the board.

Anon19744225d ago

The 360 has an excellent lineup for 2010 and I think, if anything, that's what's going to help them in 2010. After all, it's all about the games at the end of the day. As for Natal, I don't know. Are gamers ready to shell out $50-100 for an add on accessory that lets them throw paint at elephant shadows?

I really don't believe Natal is going to exactly explode out of the gate. Think about it. Natal's aimed right at the casuals, but the casuals don't really know anything about gaming. As a casual gamer, would you spend $250 for a 360, then slap on maybe an extra $100 for Natal when you could just buy a Wii for $200?

Natal isn't meant for hardcore gamers, and so far, even though the Xbox is 10 times the system the Wii is it can't even touch the Wii's numbers despite being similarly priced, so it's not about affordability. Do they really believe by offering an expensive add on they're going to swap those potential Wii owners away? And one of the biggest draws of the Wii isn't even the motion control, it's recognizable family games like Mario. Natal doesn't have anything with that kind of draw that we know of.

I can't help but feel that rather then Natal making this a great year Microsoft, we'll be looking back at how badly Microsoft misread gamers, and what it cost them.

callahan094225d ago

When we talk about domination, are we talking about sales or software? I don't know much about sales, nor do I care, so I'll just talk about software. My answer: No, but the 360 has a lot of awesome software coming out next year (Mass Effect 2 is near the top of my most-wanted list, and Crackdown 2 isn't far behind, then you've got crowd-pleasers like Halo Reach, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction). But look over at the PS3 and you've got extremely healthy competition for all of those titles. There are numerous RPG's coming for the PS3 next year, the most appealing for me being White Knight Chronicles and 3D Dot Game Heroes, you've got crowd-pleasers like God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5, you've got Heavy Rain, and then there's more still. Neither machine is outright dominating the software field in 2010, they both have a lot to offer, and even the Wii is going to mix it up in 2010 with new Metroid, Mario, and possibly Zelda games. It's going to be a great year for all platforms, so I don't see why people are making predictions that it'll be a year of 360 domination. Unless they're only thinking in terms of sales, in which case, I can't even fathom it, it's just so pointless to me as a gamer.

Beast_Master4225d ago

'360 outsold PS3 in November' UMM didn't MS ban 1 million accounts, and that was only in the US. You do realize that PS3 actually outsold 360 by 500,000 world wide in November. Wow, 360 fans still can't wrap their head around this global market thing.

OmarJA-N4G4225d ago

Short answer: No...

Oh it's

jwatt4225d ago

I agree with callahan09, it's really to close to call. Both systems have great games coming out next year and we still don't have the full list. Also even though Natal is being hyped up, playstation still has its motion controller coming out.

Skip_Bayless4225d ago

It's impossible for 360 to dominate. PS3 will outsell 360 in 2010 and the games will be higher rated. The 360 hardware is maxed out and we keep hearing news about how 2010 PS3 exclusives are matching Uncharted 2 and surpassing the graphics. None of the 360 games are particulary innovative either. And don't say Alan Wake that game screams "flop".

rezenu4224d ago

...I can't believe that guy Xeoset the 360 will have the biggest lineup...

I think the 360 will do well in 2010 but that's just taking it too far.

Saaking4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

hahahahahahahaha!!! Oh my god, that's one funny headline. The 360 has lot more games, but come on. In the first half alone Sony has more exclusive than MS has for the entire year. You can't seriously be that dumb can you?

PS3 first half:

Modnation Racers
GT5 (March in JP and Summer in NA)
Heavy Rain
Yakuza 3
3D Dot Heroes


Xbox 360 (entire year)

Halo Reach
SCC (multiplat)
ME2 (multiplat)
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Fable 3

You can clearly see which console has more games can't you? And with the PS3 already destroying the 360 in WW figures month after month, 2010 is only going to get worse. GT5 will destroy everything in it's way.

umair_s514224d ago

The only worth while Xbox 360 exclusive IMO is Mass Effect 2. The rest of the titles are meh. I don't expect 360 to wow us as it did in '07, why you ask me? Because their isn't enough untapped processing power.

ThanatosDMC4224d ago

Geez, these are the same people who bashed the Wii for it's "gimmick" but now are holding fast to Natal like it's their last lifeline. I would rather have more new games from the 360 than have the casual games start churning up like no tomorrow like on the Wii.

IdleLeeSiuLung4224d ago

It's funny, because for two-three years now I have seen

Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles

on the list of Sony exclusives coming soon. They are just finally coming out soon!

kneon4224d ago

I wasn't going to jump in as there is more than enough stupidity flying from all sides but this statement is ludicrous

"U.S. -> PS3 price drop + Uncharted 2 -> Result, MS outsold PS3 in November"

So the prices of BOTH consoles drop at the beginning of September and the result is that Xbox won November by a measly 100k? What happened to September and October where the PS3 made up many times that much in market share, conveniently left out to bolster your lame argument. And that's just in the US, worldwide it was even more in the PS3s favour. I guess that's not important. Nor is the fact that even the November #s are not accurate as the much hallowed NPD numbers don't include Amazon and Walmart, only 2 of the biggest sellers of video games in the country. And we know for a fact that the PS3 was ranked well above the XBox on the Amazon top sellers list for pretty much the entire period since the price drop. Actually except for the MW2 launch week I don't think it was ever below the XBox. At the moment PS3 hold positions 19 and 37, the Xbox elite winter bundle is at 72 and the arcade isn't even in the top 100.

Will the XBox do well in 2010? Maybe, I don't know, but your "facts" do nothing to support that position.

4224d ago
mastiffchild4224d ago

idleleesiung-you picked the wrong year for the delaystation thing with AW and Sc:C the two 360 games I'm most interested in having just as protracted dev cycles as anything on the PS3 list and have both been listed most years for release too!

IDK why we have to argue over this at this stage of the year when both consoles have already announced some amazing titles for this coming year. there's more to come from both sets as well so buckle your seatbelts and wait for the expensive, thrilling ride! Anyone suggesting either side is gonna dominate with two such strong line ups is being very silly imo-great stuff and big sellers on both sides. Bif battle in the offing with both coming out of it well-andat leats I'll play a little more 360 this year! 2009 was a bust if you play your multis on the PS3 like I do-worst year for 360 yet 2009 was.

Anon19744224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I don't see Natal taking off, as I stated earlier. The 360 certainly has a better lineup for 2010, but it's not hard to have a better lineup after 2008 and 2009 were such disappointments. So far it's been the PS3 that's delivered the games I want and this just looks set to intensify in the new year.

All I was stating above is that the 360 looks set to have a better year in 2010, but it's far from dominating. The last year that it could have been seen as "dominating" anything might have been 2007, and I think at this stage in the 360's lifecycle it's years of anything even close to domination are over.

That's even if you believe it was ever dominant in the first place. It dominated the next gen for the year that it was out on it's own but since the PS3 and Wii launched worldwide it's been in 3rd place.

It's a shame, really. The 360 was a nice little system. I think had they solved their hardware issues right from the start and included a standard harddrive, they'd probably be untouchable instead of being a 4 year old console that everyone knows is shoddily built with 6 year old tech now in a 9 month sales slump limping towards the console graveyard.

Jaces4224d ago

I doubt it but it will be better than 09.

Both the PS3 and 360 will have some awesome games 2010, it's going to be a overflowing year. lol

AAACE54224d ago

I think the main thing MS will have in 2010 is the availability of high profile 3rd party games. There are some exclusives that will stand out, but just having the 3rd party games so that the competition doesn't have a significant edge on them will help keep the console war leveled.

Each company will have their months where they out shine their competitors but I think overall this year will be more balanced. Sony looks to have the edge, but you never know nowadays!

DevastationEve4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I saw so much potential in 360 way back in look at it. So much has been done, and there's still room for so much more.

I will say this...IF Microsoft has an epic fail in 2010 it won't be because they weren't trying. I really have to hand it to them for putting so much weight on a brand that had no chance against PlayStation last gen. They really bet the farm on 360.

Knuckles up Microsoft :)

syanara4224d ago

I do belive you may have forgotten a few like: Final Fantasy XIV, The Agency, and 3D Dot Game Heroes. Thats confirmed for 2010 anyways unconfirmed would obviously be stuff like R3, KZ3, and FFXIII Versus but yea just a heads up.

Anyways not onto my actual comment I have to disagree with those that say the 360 has the biggest lineup because most of their line up is based over the entire year while most of sony's confirmed are just Q1 Sony could pull ALOT out for the fall and holiday season of next year with games Yet to be dated/announced I know MS has the same situation...sort of I don't think there is much they could announce that we dont know of already other than a new ip.

also I dont think you can say natal is an advantage when PS3 has motion controlers comming too.

CrimsonFox134224d ago

Who knows what'll happen in 2010. But the thing is, Sony's first quarter, which has all releases confirmed, looks better than Microsoft's first half, which also has all releases confirmed. There's a couple of articles stating this I've seen. PS3's lineup definitely looks stronger so far, but we've only got a confirmed 25% of the year. I'm guessing they're bringing out their big guns for the end of the year at E3 or that Playstation Day thing. And hopefully they'll use their motion controller for hardcore purposes, unlike Microsoft is doing with Natal.

All in all, the year should be great for both consoles.

Triella4224d ago

I think people are forgetting some relevant points : though 360 will have a better lineup in 2010 MS's gonna have to work really hard to dominate 2010.

Sony is going to get some support from big franchises :

GT5 in february in Japan and later in Europe and the US
God of War III in march
Though Final Fantasy XIII is multiplat and not that good I can see it helping sale some PS3 anyway

Yakuza 4 in Japan plus a plethora of new/old IPs/RPGs/MMOs exclusive or not including FFIX, Nier, Star Ocean 4, Quantum Theory, White Knight Chronicles 2, AR Tonelico III, Last Rebelion, Resonance Of Fate, etc. (way enough to please the Japanese market).

They're also realsing a few RPGs in the US : 3D dot Hero, Yakuza 3, White Knight 1, Star Ocean 4.

Some new IPs : Heavy Rain, Mod Nation Racer, MAG

Add to that a plausible Last Guardian and Resistance 3.

And don't forget they're also releasing they're wand in 2010.

el zorro4224d ago

I can't believe how delusional some people are. The 360 lineup is filled with much heavier hitters. The only big games on the PS3 are God of War 3 and GT5 and maybe The Last Guardian (if it comes out in 2010). The 360 lineup is packed full of HUGE games throughout the entire year.

Also, 2008 was the 360 all the way. The only people who disagree with that are fans of a certain console.

vhero4224d ago

FFS N4g has gone downhill with crap like this. How does crap like this ever get allowed??

calis4224d ago

"The 360 lineup is packed full of HUGE games throughout the entire year."

Like what?

shadow27974224d ago

"I can't believe how delusional some people are. The 360 lineup is filled with much heavier hitters. The only big games on the PS3 are God of War 3 and GT5 and maybe The Last Guardian (if it comes out in 2010). The 360 lineup is packed full of HUGE games throughout the entire year."

What constitutes as a heavy hitter? I see Halo: Reach for the 360, and that's it. Mass Effect didn't fly off the shelves, Splinter Cell has always been niche, so what other heavy hitters are you referring to?

I cannot for the life of me understand why people like to discredit new IPs. Personally, I like new games instead of the same things over and over again. Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's not good.

"Time and time again, new IPs don't sell consoles"

Hmm... So Halo:CE had nothing to do with the Xbox's success?

Personally, I don't see anyone dominating. I'm looking forward to games on both systems. MAG, Splinter Cell, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2 (really enjoying the first at the moment), God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Modnation Racers, The Last Guardian, and PERHAPS Alan Wake and Halo: Reach, but I'm very skeptical about both of them. Add Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to that list and many multiplats and it's going to be one heck of a year for videogames. Saying any system is going to 'dominate' is ridiculous.

morganfell4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

I love how people quote the many of the major 360 titles and refuse to acknowledge they are on the PC. Splinter Cell, Fable III, Alan Wake. Mass Effect 2.

What it comes down to is the only title the 360 has to offer this year is Halo Reach. That's it. period. It's going to be a good game, no doubt. But still it's just one game.

JustV4224d ago

I don't see any reason for why Microsoft will be win the year of 2010...what huge line ups do they have? Nothing...they focus and depend on that stupid Natal which I think will be the biggest mistake ever...All hardcore gamers will never wave their hands around and kick ok....imagine playing with alot of people ...seems like you need a big ass room. They are no exclusive games for Xbox...I haven't heard crap from them at all...oh yeah Splinter Cell?

Ps3...Motion thats good...also, the lineup is really damn good...with the beginning of the 1st quarter of the year...God of War 3, Heavy Rain, and a whole bunch of other just looks really good....compared to what Microsoft has to offer...and after this Christmas...Ps3 totally sold a whole bunch...its just going to be good for doubt..if you really think about it..
I own both consoles...I love playing on my Xbox 360...but I'm very disappointed at I'm sticking with my Ps3 now..

DaTruth4224d ago

Both consoles are looking good this year. I would pick up a 360 this year for Conviction, but my friend just got his MW2 bundle and had it for one week and it scratched the crap out of one of his games; Two big dirty circles around the disk after five minutes of co-op.

Is it too much to throw a functioning disk drive in the damn thing after four years MS?

Seeing this lets me know that MS just doesn't give a crap about their customers and probably still have RROD machines flying off the production line!

IdleLeeSiuLung4223d ago


Really? Because after Too Human, MS has been very careful of announcing their line-up far in advance. I can't say that with Sony. The two games you listed was announced way back when then pushed, but I have not seen any recent games announced that isn't coming out in the next 12 months!

Sony has a history of announcing games early and overhyping their hardware, but that's not even what I'm talking about. It is the fans, that keep listing games that are simplay announced with no release date for the current year only to re-list those SAME games the next year.

Sure, I ignored the other numbers because the PS3 was supposed to own this Xmas with a price drop and exclusive games. All it's guns was out and after two-three months it's sales fizzled! We are talking about sustainable growth, not little spurts like the 360 did last year with it's price drop. PS3 sales coming below the Xbox 360 by more than 10% is amazing to me considering all the circumstances.

I really don't knopw how people get all these supposed issues with their 360, because I never had a RROD or a had any discs scratched.

In fact, in recent times there have not been any report of RRODs or disc scratching issues. Perhaps, it is just a fanboy with a history of PS3 bias posting a comment!!! I dunno, maybe it is da truth!!!

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UltimaEnder4225d ago

MS will need a lot more than natal and some games to take over 2010 - Sony is coming on strong in Japan and PAL territories but I agree their online service doesn't stand a chance compared to LIVE.....

Nambassa4225d ago

PSN has caught up with Live loads in the past few years. They're really not that far apart now.
Live is maybe slightly ahead but PSN is almost there. All it needs now is Voice Chat which will hopefully come some time in 2010.

edgeofblade4225d ago

PSN has done a good job catching up, but now, they need to get to the finer details they keep missing. I keep hoping they mandate demos for EVERY downloadable title (at least in the same class as XBL Arcade titles). But they never have.

madmonkey04225d ago

psn has had voice chat for months! and party chat, just not ingame party chat

HDgamer4225d ago

Live has what 3 features the ps3 is already getting? Besides dedicated servers are a huge deal, yet the 360 owners aren't paying for it.

Motion4225d ago

Why do people say that Live is so much better than PSN? I'm not trolling, this is a real question. I play a game on my 360, hit multiplayer, go online, kill things. Download a demo or two. I go on my ps3, hit multiplayer, go online, kill things. Download a demo or two. What the hell is the difference that all these people keep saying LIVE is so much better? I'm in my late 20's now, and don't have a ton of friends who game, so my friends lists are rather lacking. I don't know if there is a trump card hiding in there anywhere. Any explanation would be appreciated.

wu-stix4225d ago

Reasons PSN is better
1) Browser so porn, free streaming of tv shows, youtube etc.
2) Dedicated servers.
3) Better games.
4) Not so many fuktards -> don't have to only have private games.
5) Free.

ukilnme4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

@ wu-stix

"4) Not so many fuktards -> don't have to only have private games."

Using N4G as a gauge for the maturity level on PSN, there are just as many "fuktards" on PSN. They just don't have headsets.

@ sikbeta

I have witnessed it myself on Live. My co-worker and I were sharing stories about it yesterday. Plenty of spoiled brats on Live for sure. I'm just saying there's plenty on PSN too.

sikbeta4225d ago


Come on, you can't deny the lot of big mouthed kids on Live, Youtube is witness of that if you don't believe

What wu-stix said is wrong, they're not F*ctards, they're just big mouthed kids and teenagers that are stupid enough to upload their behavior on youtube


zeeshan4225d ago

I have asked the very question here myself on different posts, yet I have never been answered. Really!

RockmanII74225d ago

One of Xbox Lives big guns is cross game voice chat. If your playing Rainbow Six Vegas and a friend is playing Burnout, you can still talk to each other through party chat (A party can have up to 8 people). I don't know if you can do this on PSN or not, but cross game invites is another thing I see brought up a lot when seeing PSN vs. XBL flame wars. What else is nice is the more popular games like MW2 and Halo 3 wave a minimum of 100,000 people online at any given time (Highest I ever saw it go was 1,120,000) and supposedly XBL has better downloadable games.

-chaz-4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )


I prefer XBL over PSN (I have both). XBL is very tightly integrated into the system, and the biggest feature that no one really talks about is that you can choose any friend or recent player off of your list and join their game if you want, or invite a friend playing another game to a party or your current game. It's pretty seamless, and not possible with the current PSN setup. With PSN you both have to be in the game to invite. That sounds like a small thing, but if you play on Live you'll see that it's a very major thing. If you're talking with someone ingame and they leave, it's a simple thing to just send them a voice or text message, or just invite them to a different chat channel.

The other reason is that XBL uses VoIP servers so the chat quality is a lot clearer and less prone to distortion. The wired headset that comes with the console is pretty crappy, get the wireless one. It's easily the best gaming headset I've ever much in fact that I bought the PC adapter so I can bring it into my office to use with PC games.

The last reason (and one of the biggest) is simply that there are a lot more people on Live, and it's always easy to find a game.

JeffGUNZ4224d ago

Are you honestly sitting here and telling me that you know for sure that Live has more annoying kids on it than PSN. Please, show me figures and data that collaborate your post. They both have their share if not pretty close to the same. The main difference is the 360 COMES with a mic, so it is easier and immediate access for them.

Persistantthug4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

On the PSN, I can invite or join friends or people I've met recently on their games too.

That's not a feature that's exclusive to XBOX LIVE, -chaz-....that's a feature that programmed by the developers of the game. Simply put, if the game allows it, you can do it.

I join games all the time...In fact, in Team Fortress (ps3 version) I have a few friends that I join in on their games fairly frequently.

The only feature that I can see that the XBOX LIVE has that PSN doesn't is CROSS GAME CHAT....and I'm gonna be honest, I don't understand why I would want that feature. Why would I want to talk to someone else if I'm playing Madden trying to score a touchdown...that would not only be rude to my opponent, who I should be talking to, but it would also be distracting to me when I'm trying to win.

At any rate, maybe you can explain if that isn't what you meant in terms of the "game invite" issue.


-chaz-4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )


Because the functionality to join games and communicate is built into the Xbox OS, it's available at any time in any game even if the two players are in different games. If I see that someone is playing a game in my XMB on the PSN, I can't join their game unless I've booted the same game AND get an invite.

I believe MW2 added this manually on the PS3, but again because MS built it into Live the developers don't have to code it into each game individually, it's automatically supported in every game.

DaTruth4224d ago

It is not built in to the XBOX OS! MS mandates features for developers to make games for 360. If it doesn't have the feature, it doesn't get approved. That is why the 360 OS is significantly smaller than PS3 OS!

Sony didn't want to put so many restrictions on developers and I think now that PS3 has a big installed base, 3rd party developers will begin to drop away from MS. That is why MS has been reducing its requirements, like the requirement that all games be rendered at 720p!

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Oh NVM Ok nothing to see here.

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first thing i look at is the name of website that article came from. you're right, nothing to see here.

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I really don't understand why everyone attacks PSN, sayin LIVE is 100 times better. I have both systems, and while LIVE is better it's only just. When the PS3 launched and you compared them, then I would agree, but if I can get into a group with six of my friends and play MW2 all night long on my PS3, I really don't see any problem. Wow Cross Game's coming. Plus the exclusive lineup for PS3 is much better.