10 of The Past Decade's Worst Console Games

HBG: That last decade flew by didn't it? The last 10 years has provided us with some good games, some great games, and some really bad games. It's easy to remember the great games, but it's even easier to forget the bad ones. Today, HBG reminds you of those bad games.

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Stretchnutz4226d ago

Great Article! Prototype is a horrible game, IMO.

Kreyg4226d ago

yeah, I didn't enjoy that game too much either, didn't really keep me interested

sikbeta4226d ago

Where you found those games, I never ever listen about any of them lol

Tovan4226d ago

Man, I'm not sure what some of these people were thinking when they created these games. Specifically the Bomberman game is mind blowing to me.

turinx4226d ago

Nice change from the dozens of "Best of the decade" list we've been seeing lately.

omgpoppanda4226d ago

a very nice article kreyg! as always from hotbloodedgaming :) i think turning point would have been good if they had there act together

NotSoSilentBob4226d ago

They should have put the Mech Assault games up there. IMHO those games were crap. Not even true MechWarrior games are that bad. They dumbed the controls down to work with the Xbox controller and that killed the Simulator feeling.

Kreyg4226d ago

I can see what you're saying, and I agree with most of it, but they were still decent games. They were no Bomberman, that's for sure!

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The story is too old to be commented.